Mini Pop Kids, Raina Harten

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Raina is one of the Mini Pop Kids based in Canada. Mini Pop Kids is made up of several amazingly talented kids singing and dancing their way into the hearts of many. They spend a great deal of their time performing around Ontario as well as TV. Mini Pop Kids is well rehearsed and choreographed. Watching their videos it is like a well oiled machine running smooth and in time, it is obvious why Mini Pop Kids is so well-loved.  Raina is right there shinning bright with vocals and dance moves doing her part in keeping it running smooth.

Prior to the Mini Pop Kids, Raina was already out performing. Everything started off with dance competitions competing in Ontario, Buffalo, Myrtle  Beach, and New Your City. At the age of nine, she began singing on stage, and won a contest to perform at the largest Ribfest music festival in Canada.

At ten years old, Raina auditioned with about 1000 other kids for a chance to be one of the Mini Pop Kids. She was chosen to be a part of the group, and this began a whole new adventure.

With the Mini Pop Kids, Raina toured all over Ontario in 2015, with another tour planned for 2016 which includes other provinces. The 2016 Breakout Tour, will be bigger than the tour in 2015 with a lot of new stuff added. The group also performs live on TV for CP24, CHCH TV, CTV, CTV Ottawa. Mini Pop Kids album 13 came out in December which Raina is part of, as well as album 12. Raina sings on both albums, but 13 was a little different. “I especially like, “What Do You Mean” on album 13 as that is one of my solo songs on the album” says Raina. There are eight members to Mini Pop Kids and all are lead singers, but because of Raina’s dance background, she is in a lot of performances.

Being a part of the Mini Pop Kids is something that Raina loves. She loves it because she gets to be with people who can same thing as she does. “Sometimes my classmates don’t understand what it is like to do what I do” says Raina. Performing for the fans is what Raina likes the best. “There is nothing like it when the fans are so excited and happy to see you” Raina says.

Raina Harten at stars2come While Raina loves the Mini Pop Kids  and performing with them, she still performs her own shows as well. Some of the venues and events she is invited to, to perform are, Youth Day Toronto, Burlington Ribfest Music Festival, Oakville Jazz Festival, Oakville Tree Lighting and Skyfest Music Festival. Performing at all of these have been great, but her favorite performance comes from when she was ten years old. When she was ten, she decided to go to her grandma’s retirement home to perform because she never gets to go out and see Raina. This performance became special for Raina. “One person in a wheelchair said I reminded her of her granddaughter and said I sing like an angel and started crying. I started crying because it touched me that she was moved by my performance”, says Raina.

Raina covers a lot of artists, a few of those are, Christina Aguilera, Ariana Grande, Adele, Sam Smith, Justin Bieber plus many more. “I love covering really great singers because it pushes me to improve my singing voice” Raina says.

When it comes to getting out and singing she just loves having a mic in her hand just singing anytime, but on stage is a different experience. Raina says, “”I actually get so nervous every time, like sick to my stomach nervous, but once I see the smiling faces, I just sing”. When she is performing with the Mini Pop Kids, she loves how they have choreography with their songs, it makes it feel like a real concert show.

Her goal is to continue to do what she is doing. Raina would like to be on a music TV show, and be a musician, songwriter and singer when she grows up. No matter, Raina just wants to stay in the music and acting  industry as long as she can. “I think it is what I was meant to do because it feels so right to me” says Raina.

Cover songs are always a part of what Raina likes to sing, but she is also a writer. She hopes to become a strong songwriter and her first song will be out this month. Raina has been contacted by a few songwriters wanting to collaborate. Her first co-written song is special, but not only because it is her first, but the song is basically a bio of both their lives. “It was neat because I met the songwriter and she had half  of the song done, and the lyrics explained who I was, but she wrote it about her too. It was meant to be, for me to meet her” says Raina. Her second song that was written with her friend Lil M, should be recorded and released soon.

Raina Harten at stars2come For someone who spends much of their time in front of crowds, you wouldn’t think about them being shy, but Raina is, very shy. It takes a bit of time for Raina to get to know a person, to let them in and relax. Once she has become comfortable, then she is just a big goof, playing jokes on people, and as a friend, she is extremely loyal. “Some people don’t like me at first because they think I don’t like them, but it’s really because I am shy” Says Raina. Shy or not once she has a mic in her hand the show is on, and she will bring the house down.

Mini Pop Kids are one amazing group, and they are so amazing and loved because of people like Raina. All members of Mini Pop Kids are talented and great entertainers, this what makes them so popular and true pop stars. If Raina is performing with Mini Pop Kids or she is doing her own gigs, whoever is in the audience, will have a wonderful and professional show. Raina has a huge future ahead of her, it will be great watching her shine.