Miruna Popescu


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Miruna is another beauty coming from  Romania. This adorable young lady is climbing up the music ladder quickly, and everyone loves her. It only takes one time to look and listen to her to see what all the fuss is about. She has fantastic vocals, and a great style on stage. Hannah Montana is one of her favorite performers, and has been a big influence on Miruna, and the way she is going, she could be the Hannah Montana of Romania.

She is just ten years old, but she began performing in public almost from the very beginning. She started to sing in the Group Miracol during the Christmas Holidays 2009 when they had a lot of shows on TV and at the parks. In the winter of 2010 she sang for the first time solo, it was a song about Jesus and it still remains her dearest song. It made her feel so proud to get up on stage and sing solo like a big star. Miruna is always happy and proud anytime she gets on stage, she just feels so good there. This year she started performing in national music contests, and she has won many awards. The most important award for her was winning the Dinu Maxer Trophy. Dinu is a well known singer and composer in Romania, and was a great honor to win this trophy. The award will be a song composed especially for her. They are still working on the song, but will be available soon.

Miruna has spent a great deal of time on TV as well. She has done many shows as a solo artist and with Miracol Group. A short few months ago she became the presenter for a children’s TV show. On one show she had a guest Hollywood actor that played in the Hannah Montana movie.

She loves to be on stage, and to be appreciated by the public. She also enjoys playing the guitar and piano. In her spare time she likes to draw, paint, and skateboard, but her love is performing.  She is a ordinary kid who studies hard, and loves people. It is only necessary to speak with her a short while to see that she truly does appreciate people, and to watch her on stage you can see just how happy she is, and how happy she makes the audience. She is a true star, and handles the stage like any seasoned pro. It has been a great honor to bring such a wonderful young lady to you. Don’t miss anything she brings to the stage, she is truly amazing.