Misi Stomber

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There is an awesome new pop artist coming out of California and this wonderful artist is, fifteen year old Misi Stomber. Misi originally from New Jersey went to California to pursue acting, but she had always loved music and wanted to give it a try and make it her career. What a great decision she made to give music a try; she is fabulous!

Misi never thought she would be good enough to sing professionally, she had sung in school talent shows and that was about it. Singing like that was more karaoke to her. She ended up telling her parents that she really loved music and wanted to do it for a career, they told her that they believed in her and would help her achieve her dreams.

Well nothing was going to hold her back and she took to the streets for her first public performance. She went to Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd to sing outside the theater. She said, she asked two of her friends to do it with her, but they were not crazy about the idea. She sat outside the theater and sang random songs on the radio that she loved. Since she sang outside the theater she has had some much greater performances. Her favorite show of all time was at the Roybal Learning Center. She said the audience were so energetic and fun. The stage there was huge so she was able to use both sides of it getting everyone involved. Another great performance was at AMPLIFI, this was great for her because she got to have her family and friends there. Misi says the stage was small, but it allowed her to be up close to the audience.

Misi’s goal for her music is to have a long career, and tour the world and make tons of music. She wants to continue to write her own songs, but also write for other artists. She would also like to start her own section in a record label developing unknown artists into being our next star and guiding their careers. Misi just loves singing and music, because music is always there for you even if no one else is. She thinks it is incredible that you can effect so many people with just a single note or word. Even though she is a writer herself, she does like to cover artists such as, Jessie J., Cher Lloyd or JoJo.

One of Misi’s original songs that is out, is called “Cali”. This is an amazing song, this one however she did not write, it was her vocal coach who found the song, and she feel in love with it. Misi says the whole air of California is so iconic, she feels “Cali” really embraces it. The video that was made for this song is very fun to watch, and it was a lot of fun for them to make. Misi thought of the concept for the video and everyone feel in love with it. They spent the day riding around local iconic California places. Her favorite part of the video is when she was standing up in the convertible. She said it is a moment that she will never forget.

Misi does want everyone to know that she is a typical fifteen year old girl who loves music and has big ideas. She hopes to fulfill her ideas and inspire the world.  Misi has a great outlook on her life and her attitude toward her music is putting her right on target to be the next big pop star. She carries the skill and drive to take her where ever she wants to go in her career. She is someone that every teen around the world will love. She has just released  her new single called, “Living Young” and will be shooting a video for it very soon. Keep a lookout for all of Misi’s great music by stopping by her Facebook and YouTube channel frequently.