MoZaiK at stars2come

Scientists have been looking for pure energy for a longtime, now they can stop because MoZaik has turned on the power switch bringing enough energy in their performances to light up all of LA. This energy is found throughout their performances, from their non-stop dance moves, to the songs themselves, it is completely electrifying. MoZaik is refreshing, they are very current, and unique with the sound they bring. They have a great mixture of hip-hop, R&B, pop and a futuristic vibe that will keep you in amazement. You get to see all this great mixture in their new video featuring their debut single, “On The Edge”. The video is filled from beginning to end with some killer dance moves, vocals and harmonies. MoZaik puts all their great talents together to tell a story in this video about being bullied and coming together to make a stand against bulling. The song “On The Edge” is a song written as a group, they thought it would be awesome to write a song based on their experiences to get to where they are now. They consider the song as the, MoZaik Anthem. The song was put together from the fact that they had all been bullied either verbal or physical. When they came together to form MoZaik, they were made fun of a lot and people thought they were a joke. Now from all the hard work they have put into their group, people are starting to believe they can make it. Most bulling comes from jealousy, some people are talented and some are not and those that are not can not handle it so they pick on others for their own amusement, and with MoZaik the talent is through the roof. In the video it shows them being bullied, but at the end they unite and stand up for themselves. MoZaik wanted to show their fans that they should stand up for themselves and make a difference, not only in their lives, but in others as well. MoZaik wants be good role models and show people that they have been through it too and when you stay true to yourself good things come from it. MoZaik has certainly proven that good things do come from it.

MoZaik consists of four outstanding talents, Jenny Lee, Justice Lucero, Jazmine Lucero, and Shelby Marsh. They formed this group about a year ago, and they are making a big name for themselves fast. Last year they made their first performance officially as MoZaik, at the ASPCA Event at the LA Dog Works. Their largest show so far was at the J-14 Video launch at the Vault in Orange California. They said, they really liked this, they had so much energy that night, and new customized costumes. They had rehearsed a lot for this performance and they also released one of their new originals that night.

The four of them are very tight with their dance moves, and very well choreographed. They all grew up dancing and they all love it! The great choreography they have comes from their very own, Jazmine. Mozaik and their great talents  has been featured on channel 7 news as role models and to show people how important it is to stay fit.  They were on Time Warner cable  for the, Rockin A Cure event. Mozaik also has their own reality show being pitched right now! They hope to inspire kids around the world and show them with their individual stories that anything is possible. They work very hard for their fans to put on a show that they all will enjoy. They love to support great causes while doing what they love.

Mozaik truly is an outstanding group with so much to offer to their fans now, and the millions that will soon follow. You just can not get enough of this group, never wanting it to end. Mozaik has the sound the looks and skill to be one of the very best groups to hit the stage. You buy a ticket to see them, you can not go wrong they are pure entertainment from start to finish.  They are burning up the west coast, and will soon be found coast to coast, and then the world.  Mozaik comes anywhere near you, go see them and you will be hooked!