Nashville Spotlight

 Nashville Spotlight at stars2come

  Nashville Spotlight is a wonderful TV show , shown on  Comcast Channel #19 Nashville, TN. to this date there has been 101 shows taped.  The show`s creator and producer Mike Jennings came up with a brilliant idea to help and promote young artists. This is more than just a TV show.  The show does give kids the opportunity to appear on TV , but does more for those who stick with Spotlight. Spotlight is run by kids , for kids.

 Currently the president is Brandi Nicole sixteen years old. She also performs , but she is also learning how a TV show works , learning how to run a business and much more. There are kids that get experience with acting by doing public service announcements. Some kids here are hosts and MC`s that introduce the performers. There is a lot of valuable experience that many gain while being apart of Spotlight. Some of that is self confidence and stage presence. Not all   of this comes from the TV show , but through showcases held by Spotlight. Nashville Spotlight puts on showcases various times through out the year , where the kids get a chance to perform on stage in pubic ( for many , this is their first time in public ). This also helps with their stage presence and just as important learn how to interact with the audience . This all prepares them for the real thing for the ones lucky enough to make it.  On the show,  there are some who has the honor of having their own half hour show and this is a big thrill for those who do. Nashville Spotlight is open to all types of music and kids can come from anywhere. I have seen kids come as far as Canada to be a part of  Spotlight. Some of the kids I talked with at the last showcase , told me that Spotlight has been a great experience for them and they had really learned a lot from being a part of it and that they appreciate all that Mike does for them.

 Mike don`t just help these kids , but he truly cares about them and their future.  He is a great mentor for them and the kids loves him for all he does. From my own experience Mike is not just a producer or a mentor he is a friend to all these people and it shows greatly when they are together. The kids really do look up to Mike.  I am happy to say that Mike is a good friend of mine as well.

 There can be good things happen with some , who stick with Spotlight , I have seen this for my self. Many of these kids that are a part of Spotlight will now be featured here at stars2come bringing you more insight about who they are and where they are heading. For the ones who have not yet been apart of Spotlight , I highly recommend getting involved and sticking with it. Remember if you are a kid and you can sing , well the Spotlight,_ is on you….Nashville Spotlight   Below you will find some videos from one of the showcases held at the Nashville Palace .