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 How Time flies – DeAngelis Studio of Music’s youngest band member to date turns the big double digits today. In the 3rd year with the band, Black Diamonds, Wolfgang started gigging with his band at the age of seven! Wolf gang, bass player was the missing link to complete this band back in 2009 and they haven’t looked back yet. Fellow band mates were age eight, ten,and ten when they started, and now three years later they are the ripe old age of ten – thirteen!

Wolfgang and the boys have been hardworking and dedicated from day one. Being a successful band doesn’t happen overnight – so many great bands who have stood the test of time, took many years to even get noticed, but when the music industry sees the dedication and that a band has been together for many years, they do start to get noticed, and that is what is happening now.

Black Diamond members had a special “thing” from the very start and knew that any success as a band was going to include lots of hard work. All members get their individual training at DeAngelis Studio of Music Haverhill, with music industry top teachers, and that makes a “huge” difference.

Wolfgang’s tenth year of life is going to be a great one, and he will have his loyal band mates, AJ vocals thirteen, Henry guitar eleven, and Nick drums thirteen,by his side. With three more original songs in the recording process and two already on iTunes, the boys have an awesome year ahead – watch out for a new music video for their first original “Almost Famous” is awesome, but they have grown so much.

Wolfgang and the boys have a great following of fans – at their most recent show, Topsfield Fair, they signed autographs, hung out with their fans, and had a blast on the fair rides.

It’s not a bad thing either, that these boys are all really “cute” and the girls love them, but they are also unbelievable musicians and impresses the most seasoned pros. Wolfgang is already known as having an “incredible groove” and a “music instinct” that some adults long to achieve.

You don’t want to miss them at any upcoming shows. Join their mailing list and facebook and come and see them because “Black Diamonds” are not just a band to “watch”, they are a “band of friends”, and they want you to join them!




Black Diamonds at stars2come