New Zealand`s : Courtney Janssen


    Courtney is a real sweet young woman and very talented too. She is fourteen and lives in Auckland New Zealand. She started singing on stage at nine years old. Her goal is to write her own songs and become a successful pop and rock recording artist. ( It looks as if she is well on her way of achieving that goal ). She also plays piano and guitar.  This young lady has been performing all over the place. She has been on the Good Morning Show 2008 and at the NBL finals she sang the National Anthem on TV 3 in 2008.  She has also hosted the Erin Simpson show , one of her career highlights has been performing on Stars in their Eyes ( she done a fantastic job ) . The video above is her performance on the show. Courtney has certainly accomplished alot.

     Above is a song she wrote ( Rely on Me ) for the Family First Conference ,_ her dad is playing the guitar.  Courtney and her band Tetra also performed the song at a fundraiser for ” Samoa with Love ” ( I really love how so many young people like Courtney does charity ).  She has another song ” East and West ” that she hopes to record soon.  She recently performed at White Ribbon,_ which is a group against violence to families.

    She says, that one of her big influences is Kelly Clarkson because of her great lyrics and down to earth personality. She also likes Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and the Jonas Bro.

   Courtney brings alot of energy to the stage as you can see in her videos and great stage presence all of which is a must for a rocker. She works the stage very well and the audience really enjoys her performance . I believe this combined with her great talent she just might achieve her dream as a rock star, she is certainly on her way. She also has an up coming concert on Feb. 21 . Courtney done an audition to perform at ( Pasifica ) she was awarded the performance which will be at the Western Springs in Auckland and is on TV all happening March 13 . She is entered in a video contest with sound check please stop by and vote .  Give Courtney your support and enjoy her great videos . Below is one of her performances at the White Ribbon Event .