Nic Neufeld

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Little did the citizens of Dodsland, Saskatchewan in Canada know on a cold December in the year 2001, that they were about to add to their lists a baby boy who by 10 years of age would warm their hearts. For this is where up and coming singing artist Nic Neufeld comes from.

With Nics mom herself always singing and humming, Nic would hear music from the very start of life. He would be calmed when crying by playing music for him. So it was quite natural for Nic to start singing as soon as he could talk. By three years old he would be singing tunes around the house that he heard from the television. And after seeing a Justin Bieber video he knew music is what he wanted.

At a young age he was given piano lessons which he quickly decided wasn’t what he wanted. The piano instructor said she couldn’t believe how perfect his pitch was being so young. But he continued singing on his own and all this while still only six years old.

In December of 2010 Nic was given a short solo in a school Christmas Pageant. His performance brought the audiance to tears. It was at this point he and his family knew Nic found his gift.

In the spring of the following year Nic performed Justin Biebers tune, ‘Baby’ at the schools Showcase Night. And again Nic pleased the crowd with them awarding him with a standing ovation.

At last count the little town of Dodsland still has only 212 citizens. So it’s hard to find a place for an aspiring young artist to sing. The next chance Nic would have would be at his own grandfathers funeral in the fall of 2011. When asked to sing he chose ‘Pray’ another Bieber tune that he had been practicing. Singing in front of 700 people in attendance his mother says there wasn’t a dry eye in the church. And even though it was for a funeral the congregation applauded Nic. His mother put together a video with the song that you can listen to on Nics YouTube channel.

Nic is currently under the direction of a group called Pure Artists. Pure Artists was started by vocal coach Wes Inaba. If you go to their website and read what’s there you will see that Wes has high standards. The standards you will find there speak a lot of what Nic is and wanting to be. Nic has a desire to use his talents in ‘giving back’ to the community a trait that fits right in with Pure Artists.

In the short time Nic has been following his dream, he has already sang in shows and festivals in front of large audiances. One being an estimated 10,000. His mother says it’s like watching a bird fly for the first time finding his wings and soaring.

Nic performed a lunch time concert at his school for Halloween and one boy went home and told his mother that they had a very good Justin Bieber concert at school that day. And at 10 he is already attracting the lady fans. lol

In January of 2013 Nic is going to start guitar lessons and songwriting. I think Nic has a bright future in the music industry.

Nics influences are Justin Bieber, One Direction, Austin Mahone, Jason Mraz and Cody Simpson.

When he’s not on stage Nic is a normal ten year old boy riding his dirt bike and going for a swim. He also likes quadding, computer programming and officiates hockey games. Or you can find him playing with his cat and dogs.

To find out more about Nic and a list of events he has done along with upcoming events go to his website.

Story by: Richard Fultz a stars2come contributor