Nick Merico

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Get ready girls, here comes the heartthrob of South Florida, Nick Merico, and man can he sing, WOW! Nick is one that will break many hearts, but mend them all back once he begins to sing. Nick is one of those that has a great radio ready voice and all he needs is the right original song to send him sailing to the top. This may not be too far off, he has been working on some writing, but he says right now he is creating melodies. You can bet what ever he comes up with will be amazing. He is also working with various producers on original music and hopes to have a single out by early next year.

It has not been all that long since he started performing around South Florida malls and other venues with other young artists. This all took place when he was eleven years old, and you know the girls were screaming for more every time his show was over. Right now he is doing a school tour around South Florida. He says he loves the experience and the energy he gets from the crowd. Nick just recently performed at a beach bash where he had a lot of his fans show up. He says the excitement and enthusiasm was fantastic.

 Right now Nick is gaining a great deal of fans singing covers and once you listen you understand why they are growing so fast. One cover he recorded about a year ago was, “It Will Rain” and it has gained over 5 million views. This is something not just anyone will have happen, these kinds of views come to those who can deliver song with professionalism and passion, and you can hear all of that when you listen. When he was ready to record a new cover he chose “It Will Rain” because he loves Bruno Mars and he knew Twilight was coming out, so it was going to be a big hit. The video he filmed for it is fantastic. He said they came up with the idea for it the night before they shot it. He then gathered up a bunch of friends and had a blast. Right now he is obsessed with Ed Sheeran. Nick says he is a brilliant writer.

  Nick has not only spent a lot of time in the recording studio, but also in front of a camera. It is possible that you have seen him in an episode of Charlies Angels, or perhaps in some commercials. He was also on TV for a competition in Miami when he was twelve and was a regular for about six months. He said it was nice because, he won! He hopes to tour the world with his music and expand more into acting.

 Nick is a great artist and has a wonderful sense of humor. His friends tell him, if music does not work out, he can always be a comedian. He also loves soccer and tries to play regularly when he is not playing his guitar or piano. Nick is an extremely talented artist with a lot to bring the music world, he is one that has it all to make it and have the girls screaming around the world.