Nikki Alva

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Nikki is a fantastic vocalist. She is originally from New York, but moved to Tennessee when she was three years old. This was a great choice, she is now where she belongs, and a perfect fit for Nashville, not only for singing, but she made Nashville a bit more beautiful.

Nikki has always loved to sing, but as time has gone by, she has come to love singing even more doing it as a profession. She made her first singing appearance in 2009 for a Christmas show at her church and continues to sing where ever she can, such as school plays, and musical theater. Nikki has had the great opportunity to take her music to TV for the first time performing on the Nashville Spotlight TV Show, and the Nashville Latin Express TV Show. She was invited by Nick Nitros to sing the National Anthem for the NWA Top Rope wrestling. She felt very honored to be invited. Nikki loved the first time she got on stage at the Nashville Palace this past March. She says, all her shows are special to her, because it makes her feel like a big star. At one show she was even asked for her autograph because they said, they knew she was going to be a big star someday.

Nikki’s dad is the director and percussionist of his own band, and this is where her biggest inspiration comes from for music. She has been subject to music all her life and now it  runs in her blood. Right now her favorite artist is Adele, because she has an amazing voice and writes what she feels. Nikki loves to sing so much because it gives her a chance to express her feelings, and do it singing.  She feels when she performs, she is making other people happy. You can bet when she sings there are many smiling faces in the audience.

Nikki hopes to one day be the biggest star ever and for people to hear her music all around the world. It is a good possibility for her to reach her dreams. Nikki works very hard and learns more and more everyday. She does everything she can to become a better singer. This is the right attitude to have, it is this kind of thinking that makes stars. If you are in the neighborhood you can catch Nikki at the Nashville Palace on June 9th, and you know this will be a great show. Be sure to keep track of all her music at nicolealvarado9