Nikki Daniels


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Nikki from Texas has one amazing voice, and theater is where her destiny is.  When you listen to the beauty in her voice, and the power she has when she sings, it will for sure give you goose bumps. Nikki has all the emotion and expression that is necessary to be one of the greatest on stage. Nikki is right in there with the great Judy Garland, and possibly better.

Nikki wasted no time with singing, even when she was six months, she was already humming to Barney. Once in daycare according to her teachers she was singing constantly. The first whole song that her dad remembers her singing was the Little Mermaid. She says, that she really does sing constantly. Nikki did begin taking voice lessons this past October, but the question is, she is already so good what are they going to teach her? Nikki hasn`t yet learned any instruments to accompany herself, but she did learn a couple of songs on piano. With her talents it will be no time before she is playing as well as she sings.

Nikki did get her first experience in theater in December. She auditioned for Fiddler On The Roof Jr. and got the part of Hodel. She loved it so much she is going to join theater again next year. How ever her very first public performance came when she was in 2nd grade at her elementary school. At her school she performed for a talent show, she sang “Written In Your Heart” from Barbie in The Prince and the Pauper.  At her 5th grade graduation she gave a performance with her dad accompanying her on piano, this was her favorite performance and the audience gave her a standing ovation. This was not her only standing ovation. She soon got another in the 6th grade at the Taylor High School PAC. It was a Pop Show for choir she sang “Over The Rainbow”, and another big standing ovation, she was very excited. Be sure to keep an eye out for Nikki she will be preparing this year to audition for X Factor next year, and you can bet she will make it.

Nikki just loves to sing, she says, that when she sings the words and the notes speak to her, and she can imagine the whole picture, and feel the emotion in the song. It is easy to see when she is singing that she is a part of the story, bringing out all the emotion and expressions in one amazing voice. When she was asked, what she would like most for people to know about you she said, “Well I am kinda clumsy. My dad says that he wants to get a shirt that says I`m With Clumsy”. Nikki says, she does hurt herself on everything. Nikki might be clumsy around the house, but one thing is for sure, she is not clumsy with her music.  What a great voice!