Noelle Maracle

Noelle Maracle at stars2come

 This is one girl who, just never stops. Noelle always delivers outstanding music with amazing vocals. Noelle`s vocals has always been amazing, but now her vocals are incredible, she can take on anything, and it comes out beautifully. Her newer videos shows how well the camera likes her, this is where Noelle belongs. The way she tells the story in her videos is outstanding, you can see all the emotion and expressions, that she puts in to tell the story, it is brilliant how she does it, and at only nine years old.

 Noelle has kept herself  busy over the past few months. Over the summer she won the 2010 Aboriginal Day “You Got Talent” contest. This was exciting for her because it was a contest for seventeen year olds and under. This is one girl who does not let age stand in her way. She has sung at various community functions every month, singing eight to ten songs at the functions. She was also asked to record a few songs for a live TV show in Toronto this past December. Once this airs the people are going to fall in love with Noelle. A TV Christmas show called “Sparkle” that she was a guest on last year also, aired this past December.


Noelle Maracle at stars2come

 Noelle doesn`t only love to sing. but she loves gymnastics as well. She has been 3 hours per day all summer in gymnastics, and continues to train that much every day because she is now at the provincial level for competing. Her first competition began in December. If she does gymnastics anything like her singing she will need a truck to carry home her awards. All this training also shows in her videos, in her neck and shoulders, her upper body strength must be awesome. 

 Because of all the training she has been doing she has been unable to put up as many new songs as she would like. She started back in May with a new vocal coach that she loves. She has a huge list of songs that she is looking forward to doing. She has a lot of amazing things, one of which is a big talent audition in May for singing and acting. This will be a great opportunity for her with talent scouts getting to see her. Her mom says, she has no idea what will become of that, well I do they are going to love her, everyone that has ever seen her does!  This just might be the beginning of a great career and she certainly deserves it. The main thing is that Noelle is having fun. She enjoys her friends and having sleepovers and  she really appreciates all of her YouTube friends too. Noelle is one amazing person and she loves everything she does very much and because of this, the love of what she does will take her to stardom.