Noize from the Basement

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Everyone make some Noize, because Noize from the Basement is in the house. The noise these guys make is awesome. They have a great pop sound, and they blend very well together. There is no way you can listen to their music and not find yourself bopping along with them.

 Noize from the Basement is a fantastic group, and you would think they had been playing together for a lot of years, but the truth is they have only been together for three years. In this short time they have been spreading their great music everywhere. The members of this group is: Emily Gambone lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Jazz Hannah lead guitar, Holly Camp bass guitar, and Logan McNeal drums. They started performing as a band in January 2009. They played their first public performance at a local music shop at open mic. Since their start in the music shop they have performed numerous times at JB`s in downtown  Kent. They really enjoy the experience here they say, the atmosphere of the venue is amazing. They got to perform at Musica once and they loved it and hope to go back. Noize from the Basement also won the first ever battle of the bands in Akron on December 2010.

They are a great band, but their influences are different, it ranges from Metallica, Blink 182, Paramore, and Godsmack. They also have different interests Jazz plays soccer, Logan is in the marching band, and Emily and Holly they are strictly music. They may have different things they like to do, but one thing they all love is the rush and the energy from a crowd. They say, that to see someone singing the words to the songs or getting up and dancing just gives you chills. It is such a satisfaction to make someone happy and for them to learn the words, this is an amazing feeling for them.

Noize from the Basment has some great songs out too. They can really write some awesome songs. Emily has written about thirty songs so far, and as a band they have seventeen currently recorded.  All of their songs are special to them and have a meaning in some way. It is always fun for them to hear people`s interpretation of the songs, because the songs seem to mean something different to each person. They get their ideas from watching other people`s situations. That is why their album is called, “Birds Eye View”. The whole album this based on experiences they have witnessed and have seen from “above”.

One thing about Noize from the Basement, is they are young, but they are good.  The bad thing with them is that because of their age they have been knocked out of a lot of opportunities.  They have a great point to make, and that is, it should not matter what age anyone is, it is what you bring to the table, and that is what should count. They are so right so many people get discarded just because of their age. People are not looking beyond that to see the real talent that people like Noize from the Basement has. The thing the industry has not caught on to yet is that young people today are far more talented and smarter about the world around them, and the young artist will one day rule the airwaves. You can bet that Noize from the Basement will be one that will help lead the way. You can catch Noize from the Basement on the No Bully tour starting Monday August 22, in San Diego.