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Olivia is a beautiful and talented artist living in Florida, but destined for Nashville. Olivia has one of the most powerful and clear voices in country music and it is gaining her a great deal of much deserved attention from all who hears her. Her talent as a vocalist will give rise to another major superstar and this superstar can sing anything that is put in front of her. She is incredible!

When Olivia lived in Ohio she gave her very first public performance singing at her church at the age of three. She had performed many times at the church with her mom and grandma, but this was her first solo. It is because of them that she began to sing in the first place.

Olivia has spent a lot of time on stage since the beginning. She says being on stage performing she gets a sense of freedom and power that she just can’t get anywhere else. The stage is where she feels the most comfortable, it is home for her. Olivia loves music, and she says that music makes up for what words cannot explain. She certainly explains things very well on stage.

One of Olivia’s favorite performances was when she sang the National Anthem at the Fed Cup. She said this was a large stadium and she even had a cordless mic. At this event she got to sing three songs of her choice and the Anthem. This was her first performance with in ear monitors, which she says makes a world of difference. Another performance she liked really well was when she was in Atlanta singing at a club downtown when she was about 11. Olivia remembers Michael Mauldin (Jermaine Dupri’s dad) drove by and she was asked to come out and meet him. He stayed in the car, but asked her to sing something, then he said he would be back. He did come back and waited for over two hours to hear her sing. After hearing her sing they did talk a bit about doing something together, but so far nothing has been realized. She does say she has a great deal of respect for him being the former president of Columbia Records. At this club she does remember getting a standing ovation and this club was full of hip-hop and R&B artists. You have to keep in mind that Olivia is a country artist. Domonique Mitchell her artist developer told her if you can win over a crowd like that, you are doing good.

Olivia has also made her way to TV as well. She performed the National Anthem for the Sony Open in Miami when Serena Williams won the title in 2013. At this event there were games all week and National Anthems everyday. So when she found out she was singing the finals match, she was blown away. It was a true honor.

Olivia Bey at stars2come  When Olivia is out performing she really likes covering Taylor Swift’s songs. She says Taylor’s music is written in a way of brilliance with each song having different emotions expressed. However her favorite artist in general would be Reba McEntire. She just loves Reba, she is old school and stays true to her roots. Reba is a very powerful woman and Olivia admires her for that. Just like Taylor and Reba are inspirations for Olivia, she hopes to be the same for others and inspire them with their dreams. When she makes it in music, she wants to try and help as many people as she can.

Olivia does do a great job covering songs from some major artists, but she has also started to write her own. She says she has about 20 or 30 songs written, but many of them are not finished and need work. She is just getting started, and she loves to write and pour her soul into each one. Olivia is a very emotional person and does not typically hide them very well. For her whenever she is feeling something that she can not explain she just puts it in song form. Writing is like her therapy and she enjoys it very much.

Olivia has some exciting things coming up that no one should miss, one is her very first music video. The video will be made from one of her new singles called, “My Time To Shine”. She is very excited to get to do a video for one of her own songs.

Olivia is amazing and there are always communications going on for potential opportunities in the music biz. However after Olivia was offered a record deal at the age of 12 from one of the big four record labels in the country, and being around some of the most prominent people in multiple genres of music, she has learned that if God and herself have the same vision it will happen. She says she knows what she is capable of and she works towards it every single day.

Olivia is a fantastic artist, but there is more to her than just singing. She loves being around and helping kids. Exercising is her number one hobby and really loves to run. She is not a shy person at all, and loves to make people laugh. Olivia loves to shop as well and her favorite place is at Goodwill and she goes to school online. She says she has the best family ever and has always been there for her. Olivia feels very blessed to have them.

Olivia is a country singer that is rising up fast and once you listen, it is easy to understand why. She is talent through and through without any limits to what she can accomplish. She is an artist that has many number ones to come and look forward to hearing on the radio each day. She is just amazing!