Olivia Kay

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Olivia is a tremendously talent singer, and at just ten years old she has captured the hearts of the nation. In a very short time Olivia has become a star. When Olivia sings everyone listens and every song she puts out people flocks to it generating thousands of hits very quickly. All a person has to do is watch her perform and they can see why she has become a star, it is the passion that she has combined with a big powerful voice that has made her soar. She has so much power that when she steps out to perform, it is like thunder and she is going to shake the ground, she is the champion and her roar is awesome!

Olivia has only been singing publicly for about two years and she has gone viral. Olivia’s mighty voice has caught the attention of many people around the country and has landed her on the TV show, The View. “It was awesome!”, Olivia says. She loved talking to Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd, and Barbara Walters. On the show Olivia performed, “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele. This was all amazing, but this is not the only time she has found herself on TV. She has also been on KOCO News 5, KFOR News 4, Freedom 43 and Fox News 25.

For Olivia all of this really started off when she was four singing with friends. At the age of seven her mom signed her up for voice lessons, then took on her first public performance when she was eight singing the National Anthem for a Oklahoma Redhawks baseball game. She has done many performances since the beginning and of course singing on The View has become her favorite of all so far. However while in Memphis she had the opportunity to sing at BB Kings and blew everyone away with Etta James “At Last”. Olivia said the crowd went wild.

For Olivia singing is not just a passion, but it is part of her, it is who she is. She loves the reaction she gets from the crowds when she sings. “It makes me happy to see them enjoying my singing”, Olivia says. Olivia’s talent won her 1st place in the Voice for Cure competition for her age group as well as the overall winner. When she is out singing she loves to perform songs by Adele, Katy Perry and Sarah Barellis. She hopes to someday sing on a big stage in front of a large audience.

Olivia sounds amazing no matter what song she sings, but her new original song, “Go Down Dreamin’ ” is just out of this world. “GO Down Dreamin”,  is perfection with a great melody and message, Olivia’s delivery of it was, pure beauty. The song was written by Morgan/Hayes. Olivia says the song is inspiring and challenging and that is the kind of songs she likes. Be on the look out for more great originals from Olivia she is working on recording two more right now!

Olivia is a normal ten year old who likes to play with her friends, but also sing. She is working very hard for her dream, from auditioning for Disney to spending time in the recording studio. She is hoping to go on a summer tour this year so be watching for her to come to your town. Olivia’s voice has so much maturity to it that no one would know she was ten if they did not see her. She is growing so fast on the internet that she is already becoming and icon, people talking about her all over. It is just amazing how soulful and beautiful her voice is. Olivia is a natural born artist, and she was made to sing.