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Olivia Ooms, what an incredible new pop star. Olivia has an amazingly powerful and controlled voice which she uses to perfection and the proof is in her latest release, “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen. Her performance of this song is just brilliant. She says the reason she chose this song is that it is a powerful song that speaks to everyone who is open to hearing its message. Olivia wanted to make the song her own and wanted to bring the message alive, and she did, in a big way! This is something you can find in all of her songs, “life”!

Olivia is an amazingly talented eleven year old with a voice that is far beyond her age. If you only listen to her voice you would never dream it was an eleven year old or even give it any thought. Her inspiration to begin singing came from her church choir, the director gave her the first solo when she was very young. Singing in her church choir at Christmas became her first public performance when she was 5 years old. She also found the love of music through her mom who has always sang to her as far back as she can remember.

Since Olivia began her journey she has done so much and has had many amazing performances. One of her favorite performances was for Lexi Haas at the Orange Bowl in Orlando, Florida. This was a meaningful opportunity for her to help raise money for a special girl who suffers from a rare form of newborn jaundice which has resulted in her being confined to a wheelchair. Olivia loves to do her part to help others and you can find her doing it time and again. Not long ago she performed at the House of Blues for the first time for, Tunes for Tots to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation. She said it was so cool to sing and play guitar in such an iconic place. She has now made three performances at the House of Blues.  “It is amazing every time”, Olivia Said. She hopes that more people will make time and come out and support the show and their local charity, Variety the Children s Charity of Southern California. Olivia will be back at the House of Blues Sunday April 6th opening the show at 3 pm, don’t miss it.

Olivia is an amazing performer and loves being on stage, but she didn’t really know how much she would like it until her first musical theater performance at the Boys and Girls Club. She loved being around all of the positive energy, the talented and happy cast and seeing a goal come to life. They all started out on a journey not knowing how it was going to turn out, but they came together and brought an evening of joy and entertainment to the audience. From this point on she knew this is what she wanted to do forever. Olivia later got another good taste of the biz when she became a finalist for the new Kidz Bop kids. What she loved so much from this was the good friends that she made and the chance to learn from the best instructors in the biz. “It’s so much fun”, says Olivia.

Olivia has been fortunate and blessed to have had her first goal reached here recently. Olivia was selected to be part of her school’s competitive mixed show choir. They have an exceptionally well-known performance show choir directed by their multi-award winning director. She says this will be a great opportunity to improve her performance skills and be with like-minded performers. She has another goal she is really looking forward to reaching, and that is writing and producing a song with her vocal coach, Debbie Gibson. Olivia says she is a great coach and can’t wait to see where they go together.

Olivia Ooms at stars2come  Olivia is a great songwriter and it will be hard to wait for her song with Debbie, but you do not have to go far to hear what she can do, just pull up her song , “Valuable 2 Me”. Her producer Andrew Lane taught her how to bring her thoughts and journals to life. When “Valuable 2 Me” was produced it started out as a tribute to her music director from the Boys and Girls club, Corey Webber who died from a heart attack shortly after they started production on, “Lady Pirates of Captain Bree. He really believed in her and had given the lead role to Olivia. She hopes she went on to make him proud. The song is about losing someone close to you and how they are never really gone from us, and how their spirit lives on inside you. However as the song was being written the Connecticut school shooting occurred, but in her confusion over the events, she began to make the song more for the families at Sandy Hook, hopefully as a message of comfort and peace for them. Olivia has another amazing song which you can find on iTunes, called “Take Me There”. This is an upbeat song about traveling the world with your friends. This song was inspired by her mom being an airline attendant and her  growing up as an airline kid. Olivia said her friends make fun of her because she has been to Europe 4 times, but never the Grand Canyon. She says it is just easier for them to hop a plane, and this song is for everyone who dreams of traveling the world.

Olivia doesn’t have  fun just making music, but also behind the camera.  She truly loves being on set of production for TV shows and movies. She does background work and she is frequently called to do featured extra work. Some of her favorites are, About A Boy, Jesse, Kickin’ It, and Parenthood. She especially loves it when she gets to work with her brother on the same shows. The first time she was on TV was at their library’s story time, when the local cable TV broadcast it. You can also find her in the Kidz Bop 24 and 25 commercials as well as a couple of Kidz Bop videos.

Olivia is a great entertainer that loves God, family, friends and her dogs. She loves soccer, the girls on her club team, school, One Direction and Katy Perry. Olivia is just your average kid that just happens to love entertaining as well. Just like any other kid you can find her room a mess, eats way too much sugar, doesn’t like insects, or mean people. She is an average kid, but her talent is not, she excels. When it comes to performing her vocals are exceptional she can stand her ground with anyone on the charts today. Olivia is someone people are going to love for a longtime to come.