P.S. Dolls

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This is a sensational group of girls, the seven of them make up P.S. Dolls. When they hit the stage they will amaze you with their music and dance. They are well choreographed, and when they are performing their timing is right on the money.

They have been performing together since May 2011, and their chemistry is like they have been together far longer. The girls have really enjoyed being a group, they love interacting with others girls their own age, and if someone messes up, the others pitch in to help with dance steps or lyrics, no one puts anyone else down they work and help each other to be the best they can be. They have truly become close friends. Three of these girls gave some great insight to how different they are, but has found one common ground doing what they love to do, perform, and the common ground is, P.S. Dolls.

Sporty Doll, got her start at performing through theater in a play called, Anatomy of a Woman at age seven. Then at age nine she was in a play that she will never forget called, Neva Give Up. She played a girl named hope that was taken away from her family because of drugs, and went through the foster care system, and later met her mom again. This was a real story about challenges kids face when parents are involved with drugs. Her inspiration for music comes from some of the greats in music like, Micheal Jackson, and Aretha Franklin, because they started young and their music makes a difference in the world. Sporty has also been writing some songs, and all he songs come from everyday life that kids face, like school, homework, and friends. All of this has given her a great foundation to take her to the next level with the P.S. Dolls.

Pinky Doll, when she first started performing it was not on a dance floor or in front of a mic, but in fashion. She was three years old when she started fashion, she was doing shows for John Blassingame’s New Day Associates at Newark International Airport Marriott, with a production company called Just For Kids. Now she loves performing with the Dolls. The most current show they did was at Newark Museum to promote, “Stop The Violence”. They sung their first original song “Ready” for the first time and the audience loved them. It was in front of kids their age, and the parents came up to them and complimented them for having fun and putting on a appropriate children’s performance. Pinky gets a lot of her inspiration from Beyonce and China McClain. She likes Beyonce because of her music and that she is a entrepreneur, she has her own fashion line, and that is what Pinky hopes to be able to have herself one day. Pinky is also starting to write songs. She has a couple of songs that she wrote coming up on their EP. The songs that will be on the EP are, “Rock Da World”, and “Jump The Beat”, these are special to her because this was her first attempt at writing and the group liked them as well making her feel really good.

Diamond Doll, she started performing when she was eight years old, at a show performance where she has her vocal lessons, Biryukov Academy of Arts & Music. She also really enjoyed the Newark performance. Diamond has been doing great vocally, in 2011 she came in second place for Musical Theater at the Mid Atlantic Musical Theater division. She has also made her way to TV, and has been in three commercials so far. Her latest commercial that she has filmed was for Bristol Meyers Children’s Hospital which will air this month. Her inspiration for music comes from Justin Bieber, she says, his songs make her feel happy.

These girls may have all started in many different ways, but their individual talents has come together to help form an incredible group. The success of the P.S. Dolls just might be the great individuality there is with-in the group. They all put everything they have into the group, they work hard at being the best and it shows very well in their performances. They all hope that the group will be big one day, and to take home an award, while at the same time making a difference in the world. They certainly have everything it takes to make it. This is a group that will appeal to all audiences. The P.S. Dolls are truly outstanding.