Paris Smith

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Paris is a beautiful and funny person with mad skills as a songwriter and vocalist. Like most she takes her ideas for the songs she writes from experiences in life, but it takes a creative person to breath life into their songs to where people will want to listen, and Paris is that person. All her songs are very well written and catchy. One of the songs she wrote, “He Says” is very catchy and well written with a great melody, it makes you want to listen over and over. This is a sign of a hit song when people don’t want to stop listening. This song came from a crush she had on a boy. Another great song of her’s is “Crush on Hollywood” , this song is special to her because it was written when she first got to LA. It is about how much she loves it there, and feels like home. If you like to dance then pop in her song, “Game Over” and you will not stop moving from the time it starts til it’s  over. Paris is one great pop artist on the rise who’s music is some of the best around. Once you hear her music you will never forget the name, Paris Smith!

Last spring she got to take her original song to the public at a concert at,  The Shoppes of Chino Hills. She loved doing this, she got to perform with all her friends and everyone had a great time. Paris has stayed busy since her first performance when she was ten in Houston Texas for a Holiday Live Performance for Tom McKinney. Last fall she performed at a Halloween concert for St. Jude’s. Paris was the last performer and was an awesome adrenaline experience. Last May she got to have a great patriotic moment when she got to perform the national Anthem for the 66ers in San Bernadino.

Paris has also been taking her beauty and amazing wit to TV and film. Her first project for film came in a feature film, “Puncture” with Cris Evans and Vinessa Shaw. She was also in a independent film, “I Am Not A Hipster”. This is about a family of four and was just accepted to the Sundance Film Festival. She would like someday to play a pretty, funky, funny, quirky girl on Disney or Nickelodeon for TV, but for film she would like to play a role where she is Angelina Jolie’s daughter. The humor Paris has is always shinning. She says, she would like to do a national commercial with something yummy and sweet so she can eat dessert before dinner.

Paris is for sure a funny girl and must be a real blast to be around. With the great personality she has, you know all her live performances are going to be amazing, she is certainly a performer that is well worth going to see. Her music is going to amaze everyone, and everyone will love it, and they do! To sum up Paris, “awesome”!