Paxton Burns


paxton burns at stars2come   Paxton is an incredibly talented vocalist. I like her nice clean sound that she has.  The emotion she can put in is amazing , I can see that she believes the words she sings. During her performances she works the stage very well and knows how to put on a good  show , a pure joy to watch.

 She says , according to her mom , she was singing before she could talk. When she was little her mom would play some of her favorite music to help put Paxton to sleep. That ended up doing more than putting  her to sleep , it created an up and coming country music star. Not long after her mom started playing music to put her to sleep , that she began listening to some great music stars such as Mariah Carey and Lee Ann Rimes . At the age of two her mom knew she would be able to sing after hitting a Mariah Carey song on key, this began her Journey. When she was three she sang her first solo at church and then won her first contest at age five , it was a talent show at her school.  Paxton really took off after all this , she kept singing at church and started to sing at local events. She says , she was a little girl with a big voice ( she certainly has ) . At age ten she entered the Kentucky Opry and here she was a finalist for three years. Then at age thirteen she was in the Kentucky Opry Stars of Tomorrow.  There was a video on YouTube of a semifinalist performance and that caught the eye of Nashville Spotlight producer Mike Jennings . Paxton is fourteen now and has been apart of the show for about a year.


Paxton Burns at stars2come

 Paxton is now a regular on Nashville Spotlight and is currently a vice president. The show has been a great experience for her it has helped her in many ways with her performance and grown a lot as a performer. She says , the show has opened doors that she didn`t know were there.

 Now she has many venues under her belt Nashville palace , John A`s Wild Horse saloon , The Listening Room , Hard Rock cafe , The Blue Bird Cafe and Tootsies . Along with all these she also has a regular gig in her home town at Sisters a live music venue and restaurant.

 Paxton is also a song writer and has written many songs and is currently working on a demo CD. She is also a published poet in the young poets society. Writing has been a passion of hers just like singing. She gets her ideas from everyday experiences and as a teenager she says , you go through so many emotions that the songs just pour out.  Paxton can really do it all and everything she does , she always comes out on top , she would make a great mentor for anyone.

 Paxton has been out proving herself winning many local events and shows around Western Kentucky. This year she got to open for Nashville Stars , Erika  Jo at a Forth of July celebration. She will be competing in October in the KCMA , then she will compete in the new Gospel division at state. Her plans are to be involved with music some way some how,  she says. With the drive and ambition I know she will. We will be hearing more great things coming from Paxton for years to come….