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Payton is one fantastic artist from Arizona. She puts on some great performances all around the state, and if you have ever been to any sporting events out there you may have caught her wonderful performance of the National Anthem. She started performing when she was eight years old with her first being the National Anthem for the Phoenix Suns. This was a very exciting day for her. Not only was it her first, but she was excited to ride in a limo to the field. She says, the crowd was so amazing.  Since her start here for the Suns she has sung the National Anthem over forty times for different Pro-sports teams. Payton`s largest was at Chase Field for 33,000 people at a Cubs game. She had a great experience at a Coyotes game one time, when a veteran came to her in tears and said, “fighting for this country was worth it to hear a child sing the Anthem like that”.

Payton is someone who really loves music and everything about it. She loves to sing in front of a crowd expressing the way she feels about a song, and the reaction from the crowd, and the way they make her feel as well. She looks up to some pretty amazing artists people like Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, and Justin Bieber. Payton was one luck girl not long ago. She got to spend a whole day right next to him. Payton is also an actress, and she did a MTV VMA Promo with Justin. She is with a talent and modeling agency, doing modeling and acting in commercials, and film. Payton is non-stop she always has something to keep her busy. Not only doe she sing and act, but she is also a competitive cheerleader, and barrel racer. She has five horses and stays involved with their training and riding.

She hopes to one day  be a recording artist. Payton is well on her way to her goal. She is always improving and developing her skills, and of  these is songwriting. She loves to write lyrics and has written quiet a few of them, plus has several that she is still working on. All her songs are special to her, they represent things that are going on in her life or her feelings toward everyday life.  Payton believes in focus,  hard work and loving what you do. All the hard work she puts in to what she does really shows, and is paying off greatly for her. Anyone willing to do the work great things will happen with them as well. She says, stay open to any opportunity that comes your way and embrace it. Payton is so right always stay open about opportunities you just never know which one might take you on the ride of your life. Payton is truly embracing her`s and it is taking her to many wonderful places.