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Your not going to find a more amazing trio than the Pink Army Gyrls. These ladies know how to bring some great pop music to the world! The harmonies they have is perfection. There are many groups out there that have great harmonies, but Pink Army has to be the best. Their voices just flow together, making the songs they sing some of the best ever for a group. Their song “3-D” has some really great vibes in it, and the girls delivered it so well they pull you right in to it. The song keeps you moving in your seat, and this is a sign of a great hit.

Pink Army formed in 2008, beginning with Alicia Randolph, Charisma Kain, and Maddie Simpson who joined in 2010. Charisma is a fitting name, because she along with the others in the group are filled with charisma, and it shows in their performances.

Pink Army Gyrls at stars2comeThey first performed together in 2009, at a charity walk, and since then their amazing vibes has earned them over 100 shows.  During these 100 shows the Pink Army Gyrls have performed in some pretty amazing places. Recently they have performed at the Nickelodeon Studios. They said, it was really cool because many of their favorite stars were there. The cast from Victorious got up and danced while they sang California Gurls. It was an amazing experience for them.  Their biggest audience so far was singing the National Anthem at the Phoenix Suns NBA game for 30,000 people.

These girls are catching the eye of many, including Disney. One day they got a call from the casting directors of Disney, and Pink Army had been selected to be in a promo called, “Sing It”. They were featured on Disney Channel with the band Allstar Weekend. The girls said, it was so much fun to hang out in the recording studio all day with the guys. Pink Army just does so much, and are always in demand. Here just a couple of days ago on September 8,  they did a show for the charity Lollipop Theater. The girls has so much to offer as a group. They have that amazing sound, an out of this world look, and their stage performance keeps you glued to them. All these things are playing a part in their huge popularity. They are a must see show.

Pink Army is a group of three girls who just wants to sing, and they work hard, and love their fans. They each have some interesting facts about them. Well for one they all love to shop, but beyond that Alica she is also into acting and is often auditioning, Charisma  is one of the KIDZ BOP kids, so she is often filming or recording something, and Maddie also auditions a lot and loves to hang out at City Walk. They really are just three wonderful girls out having fun with many talents that has helped to create the sensational group Pink Army Gyrls. Their goal is to sign a major record deal, and these girls deserve it.