Priscila Vergel

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 Priscila is a beautiful young lady that puts a lot of  character in the songs she sings. She aims to make you feel the song whether it is a song to touch your heart or a up-beat song to get your feet moving, she will keep our attention. She is someone that you can just listen to her voice on and on with out tiring and when watching you can see she is putting it all in.  Priscila can literally sing anything in English or Spanish and when she sings Spanish it is pure beauty.

 Priscila started off on her amazing music career at the age of eight and she has already been making her mark all over South Florida. She has made her way to  channel 41 Mega TV and won first place in the competition they were holding.

 She loves the way she makes people smile when she sings. There is no way anyone could have a sad face listening to Priscila she keeps you in amazement. Her voice has something special in it and at the same time you can hear the seriousness as well, she is definitely not your average singer. She is destined for great things. One of her favorite artists to cover is Celine, and it is easy to see she has learned a lot from her. She hopes to help change the world with her music, and if she continues the way she is going, she just might. This is why it is so important for her to sing only songs that are positive, and doesn’t have any violence or bad words in them. Priscila says she wants people to see her as a good person, and she tries to be a good daughter, student and human-being. She is looking forward to making new videos for all her fans and friends and performing live.  This is one girl you do not want to loose track of or miss any of her music. Priscila will be making a very big name for herself, with people coming from all around to listen. That special something in her voice is going to take her to the very top and she already has a great start.