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 There is one thing about this great world we live in and that is, if we ever feel a bit down it is assured that a child can and will brighten your day, and with Rachel, she will make everyday, “bright”! Rachel is ten years old and her song, “Walking Away With Your Heart” couldn’t be more true, once you hear it, she’s got your heart and she is not letting go. Rachel is nothing but, pure joy. When you listen to Rachel’s songs, and it does not matter which one, it feels like a bright sunny day surrounded by kids playing in a park and flowers blooming all around you and not a care in the world. What an awesome place that is to go to and Rachel has the power to take you there. She is bubbly and she is sunshine, she is much like one other great child star, Shirley Temple. Shirley always had the power to brighten anyone’s day with song and laughter, plus she was very wise and Rachel is the very same. Rachel knows what she wants, she wants you to be happy and she is going to reach out in one form or another to see that you are.

Rachel said she had been singing all her life, but it was only about six years ago that she truly got started. Rachel’s mom and dad packed her up in the car and took her over to Ken Lundie to evaluate her. Ken told her she had perfect pitch and began working with her right a way. Ken Lundie works with Radio City Spectacular and the Broadway community. Rachel did not waste anytime, at five years old she recorded her first demo. By the time she turned eight she was singing and writing different songs.

Rachel did start to sing at an early age and it was not long before she began gracing everyone with her music. At just five years old she was asked to sing at a children’s concert at the Allentown symphony. When she was six she sang at Dopo Teatro in a 2 person performance Off Broadway in NY. The type of performances Rachel likes best are those that help people, charities and benefits.

Rachel does lots of performances, singing and theater. She loved playing Susan Walker in Miracle on 34th Street. She said they had amazing audiences that gave them great energy to respond to. She loves how every performance is always different. Rachel also loved playing Minnie Mae Barry in Bend in the Road as part of NYMF with Broadway director Benjamin Endlsey Klein. One of the charity events she loves working with is Ali’s Angels. She says she loves performing live because it gives her an opportunity to motivate the audience and get them to sing and dance with you. There is no doubt that Rachel will motivate any audience; you cannot help, but pat your feet and sway in your seat.

If there is anyone who performs that has true passion, it is Rachel. Rachel is music, she is the rhythm, the beat, the lyrics, it flows through her creating magic and wonder. Once she touches you with music it becomes part of you and it plays over an over in your head, but unlike most, you do feel it all the way through to your heart and never want it to end. “I like making people feel the emotion that I am portraying” says Rachel. She loves to be able to stretch her imagination and mind to help people on her journey especially with music. She says she could not imagine life without it.

Rachel Arianna at stars2come Rachel truly does have an amazingly creative imagination, and the imagination she has, she brings to life in the songs she writes. Her songs “Speechless” and “Walking Away With Your Heart” she co-wrote along with a great team from the music industry. Rachel gets inspired by things that she goes through and believes in. She says she tends to write more songs that have messages in them or something that people can just relate to. One of her songs “Speechless” did very well, it played in Kohl’s department store this past holiday season. The very first song she wrote was, “Walking Away With Your Heart” and she held a Give and Get fundraiser with monies from the song going to help the families in Newtown. The song also played in the movie and the trailer for “Lies I Told My Little Sister”. The music video was directed by Tracie Goudie who did Hunter Hayes’s “Wanted” video. The video ended up playing in Hard Rock Cafe and Resorts, Planet Hollywood Restaurants and Resorts and Norwegian Cruise Lines.  The video for Walking Away With Your Heart is very creative and a lot of imagination went into it, but also simple. It is evident that her music is very well received in the industry, and should be considering her talent. Rachel has written about a dozen songs and there is one in particular she hopes to get produced. The day of the bombing in Boston, Rachel happened to be there. Right after the bombing the only store she could find open was a Steinway and she was so sad and scared, she sat down at a piano and played the instrumentals of how she was feeling. Once she got back home she was able to say the words she was feeling and Erin Alden who she works with was able to put it all together.

“Walking Away With Your Heart” was not the only thing that made it into the movie “Lies I Told My Little Sister”, so did Rachel. She was part of the film from the very start, even one of the readers for the investors. She was asked to stay on and play the part of Young Jane. However it was after the filming when Rachel felt her new song would be a perfect fit for the movie, so her mom submitted it and they loved it too. The movie has since won Best of Fest at GIFF and had a screening at the Sarasota Film Festival this past April 5th and 8th.

Rachel started everything at a young age and acting is no different she was age four when Ken Lundie got her, her first Broadway audition for the Tale of Two Cities. Soon after she booked a Walmart radio commercial and did some voice over work and another commercial for Pediacare. (She was the dancing queen). All of this is amazing, but it did not stop there, she made it to the ultimate TV show, Saturday Night Live. She said SNL was a blast and got to work with a great group of talented actors and actresses. Her favorite segment was when she got to play Menorah the Explorer. This was part of Stefon’s farewell and it went viral.

Rachel Arianna at stars2come  The talent that Rachel has just does not stop and she is on top of her game every time. She was also #1 in dance nationwide. What this happens to be is a fundraiser she does with her school. The fundraiser is Jump Rope for Heart and it is for the American Heart Association and she has been the highest fundraiser every year in her school.

It is easy to see Rachel is a very kind-hearted, caring and passionate person that acts and writes music. She loves to use her craft to help others. Rachel will be doing more of that very soon when she performs a Benefit for St. Judes.

Anyone will be hard pressed to find another person so warm and kind as Rachel, this is something that came built-in and she has opened herself up to help others. What she does with songs is really incredible at her age, she truly has a gift to touch people and capture them in a fun and up-lifting way. Rachel’s songs she writes is a delight for anyone, but these songs and videos would be a perfect fit marketed to preschool through 3rd grade and the schools would eat these up and the kids would have a new idol. As heart warming as they are, they would be a smash for Sunday Schools and youth groups. There’s a need for music that Rachel provides. Everyone needs to be up-lifted and their hearts warmed and she does this, her soft and caring voice is magic. There are many great new talented people in the world, but there are few that possess the gift that Rachel does, she has the ability to be a new icon and at an early age. The only person that really fits is Micheal Jackson, his music just flowed through him, he was apart of the music and so is Rachel.

Sometimes it is hard to know what to say and sometimes you have a rainy day, but Rachel can bring the sunshine making those rainy days bright and the right words pop in your head. Once you experience Rachel’s music, she will walk away with your heart and fill your day full of joy. It has always been said that a child will lead the way, and Rachel is doing just that. She is leading the way to a bright and happier day. She is the sunshine, the happiness and the heart taker. She is exactly what we all have been waiting for. Thank you Rachel for putting a smile on my face!