Rachel Wiggins



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There has been a lot of great country artists come through here, and now we have Rachel to add to those great singers. Rachel from Georgia has a amazing voice for country music, but she has sung many other styles, and she seems to fit in well no matter what it is. This is a great thing being flexible with music, because this will allow for more great opportunities. Everyone loves when Rachel sings, she always brings joy to people with her music.

Rachel would often sing along with her dad when she was younger. He would play the guitar for the family and she would sing, he would have her sing “The Story” by Amy Winehouse. The first time she sang in public was when she was in her 4th and 5th grade honor chorus. She only sang one line, but she was still very nervous. At her 5th grade graduation she got to sing again, but it was still not a whole song, but it was in front of over a thousand people. Now she takes private vocal lessons from Elise McAlpine and Erik Grant Bennett with Honey Bee music. She is also on their vocal competition team competing in solo and group categories. Last year she won first place in the twelve and under solo category at the Star Systems regional in Athens Georgia.

 Rachel gets a lot of her music inspiration from Taylor Swift. She likes Taylor because of her vocal style and the fact that Taylor began writing her own songs at the same age as Rachel. One of Rachel`s favorite things is that, Taylor wrote her own monolog for SNL, and was very funny. Rachel just got a guitar for her thirteenth birthday, and she is working hard to learn to play. She wants to be able to write her own songs that people can relate to, and accompany herself with the guitar.

It is possible that you may have seen Rachel on TV or her voice, as well. She has been in a Haverty`s and Cartoon Network commercials, and on an episode  of Cartoon Network`s “Fried Dynamite”. She has also done voice over radio ads for the Georgia Aquarium and the Florida Dept. of Heath. Rachel does do a lot with music and TV, but she always makes time for fun too. She loves dancing and tumbling, she enjoyed being a part of the Dance Loft dance company. She said, it is a huge commitment, but it is so much fun dancing on stage with her friends.  When ever she can, she likes to have lots of friends over for a backyard party. Rachel is just amazing, she has the right attitude about it all. You can not work all the time, everyone needs free time to just have fun. She is putting a lot of effort and work into making her dream come true, and from the way she sounds, her dream is just around the corner.