Rebecca Lynn Goldfarb

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Rebecca is making her way in entertainment in a big way. She has already been involved in many great projects for TV, and she is an awesome singer/songwriter. Rebecca is making her mark as an artist and actress. She is a very photogenic girl with a great unique voice that has opened many doors, and is creating an outstanding resume for her career.

She started taking vocal lessons at seven after her mom realized that Rebecca could really sing. Then after Rebecca saw her first Broadway show, “Hairspray” she was belting out songs in the car with a CD. Then her mom turned down the music and told her to try it with out the CD, and Rebecca surprised her when she could sing the songs and hit all the notes. From here she has just gone skyward with her career and it seems there is no stopping her.

Rebecca loves writing songs. She has written and recorded two originals, with two more in the works, one of which should be out in the spring. She takes a lot of her guidance from Taylor Swift, Adele and Bette Midler. She likes Taylor because she writes her own music, Adele is so down to earth, and Bette because she is unique. Rebecca wants her songs to have meaning and people to be able to relate to them.   Music lets her express herself, and she loves making people happy with her music. Another thing she likes doing is performing with a group, Kids4kids who raises money for the Make A Wish Foundation.

She has done so many wonderful things for someone so young. Rebecca took on her first theater show at the age of seven for “Children of Eden”. She was a storyteller for a children’s ensemble, she was on stage a lot, even though she only had one word in the show, “home”. She may have had only one word, but she memorized the whole script and all the songs, and performed it all at home. When the show was over she could not wait until the next. Rebecca is eleven now and has been in 16 shows so far. This is a fantastic attitude that Rebecca has, and it is certain that this has led to her success. Many other young actresses and artists should follow her example. Love what you do, and do not do anything half way.

Rebecca did hit the stage at seven, but she also found her way to TV. Her first TV appearance was on an episode of, Sesame Street. Then came a talk show called, The Mike and Juliette show where she was in an interview with Jeff Foxworthy talking about his book, “Silly Street”. She worked as an actress on several episodes on the ABC prime-time show, “What Would You Do”. This was a lot of fun for her because it was all improvisation. She has also done voice work on The Wonderpets, Team Umizoomi and Sesame Street. You may have also seen her on many commercials, and through all the networks where she was being interviewed during the Annie Broadway open call. This beautiful young lady has really done a lot and is still going strong. She truly does work hard for everything. Success does come with a price, and it is up to the individual to decide if they want to pay that price. For Rebecca she is constantly going to the city after school to do auditions. Many times she will go to these auditions and be given a full script to read and sides to learn in just a day or two. Sometimes she is given songs that she has never heard before and has to learn in just a couple of days, and be able to perform them perfectly. This is not just part of the price you pay, but it is also determination that is needed. When you combine these things you get to do many great things, just like Rebecca. She has done other cool projects as well, such as ESL books on tape which are used in schools for kids to learn English. She is also a fit model for WalMart. She really loves doing this because she gets to try on all the new clothes for the next season. Rebecca says, it is real cool to see the new styles and to be able to give her opinion on if she would buy them or how to change them.

Rebecca has done so much, she is someone that many others will be looking up to and working to follow in her footsteps. There are always people asking, “how do I make it”, well Rebecca is the answer, what she is doing is exactly how you do it. Never be afraid to try, work hard for what you want, and love every minute of it. Rebecca is one that has a great career now, and will be even greater in the future. She is truly amazing! You can follow and keep track of everything Rebecca does at,  , IMDB , and her music, “Here Come My Dreams” , and “Celebrating You” .