Rebecca Shearing

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Rebecca is a wonderful and talented artist coming out of Scotland. The music she makes is sensational and shows great skill in the delivery of each song she sings. Because of her skill and the work she puts into her music, she has gained a very large fan base that is loyal and growing everyday. Rebecca has become a star with over 24 million hits, and 82 thousand subscribers on YouTube.  It was asked of her what she believes led to her great success; she said “I have no idea” it would be just time and patience and does not happen over night. She also says she is lucky to have such dedicated people that will take the time to listen and support her continuously. Rebecca hopes her fans will stay with her through her next chapter. She has certainly earned the loyalty of many people by continually bringing  quality music for everyone to enjoy.

Rebecca’s wonderful journey started when she was very young, she says her mom would tell her as a child she would not stop singing. At five years of age her mom got her started with singing lessons, also at a young age her mom signed Rebecca up for piano lessons as well, she was around seven by this time. She is very grateful for lessons on the piano, otherwise she would not be able to play anywhere.

She first started out performing in public at an early age doing classical style stuff. After a while she began performing at events playing covers to get use to an audience; she didn’t start sing the songs she had written until she was older. One of the favorite performances she has done was performing in a boxing ring in front of Mike Tyson. Rebecca said she was very nervous, but Mike gave her a big thumbs up afterward and that helped to calm her down. She said she will always remember the acoustic performance she did in New York City earlier this year. This was her first time to the US and she said it was so welcoming.

When it comes to performing Rebecca loves to just get lost in playing. She believes this is why she loves singing and playing so much, she can go at her own pace and take it all in. She says when you are with a band it is different, but having others on stage makes it fun too. Rebecca does cover  many great artists, but everything just depends on the song if she wants to sing it, it has to be something she enjoys and feels she can do something interesting with it. She hopes to one day tour the world playing music, it would be the best job ever, she says.

Although she does do many covers she also writes and performs her own material. She has no idea how many songs she may have written, but says it is a lot. She has some songs that mean more to her than others, whether they were about a personal experience or if they were recorded in a certain way. However the newer songs she has written does mean more to her than previous ones. She says a lot of people ask her how she writes songs and she says the more you try, and the more you learn and grow the easier it becomes. She now has a degree in music and she has learned so much through that. Rebecca is now ready to pursue music full time and she is excited to do so.

Rebecca’s professionalism and dedication has taken her a long way in music and has opened the door to a great career with many fans cheering her on. Because she has such awesome friends it would be great to give them a few inside tidbits on Rebecca; her favorite food was anything Italian, favorite movie Shawshank Redemption, favorite artist, way too many to answer, and favorite TV show Breaking Bad.

Don’t miss out on anything the Rebecca brings to music she is amazing and has so much to give the world of music, check her out on her YouTube Channel regular.