Reignn Acedera

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Reignn Acedera is nine years old, but do not let her age or size fool you. Despite Reignn’s small package, when she steps on stage and begins to sing, her voice becomes as big as the world. It is always a treat to find young people who carries  such a tremendous voice like Reignn. Already at her age the control and passion in which she sings a song, is far beyond her years. Vocal talent like Reignn is usually found in artists much older and seasoned like, Alicia Keys. Reignn has all the potential to be the next Alicia.

Reignn started out singing when she was two years old. It was not until the age of three that Reignn debuted her brilliant voice to a live audience. Her first performance was at a Filipino American Christmas party event.

Performances are building in number, and Reignn recalls one of her favorites happened when she was three years old. She sang, The Climb during a concert in her township. Her first TV appearance is one that holds a special place with Reignn. This performance was on PIX 11, she sang, I Have Nothing. PIX 11 may have been her first TV appearance but,  she has gained the attention of others. Reignn had another great performance on Fox and Friends. On Fox and Friends she played piano and sang, Titanium. Reignn says these performances were a great experience for her. It was a lot of fun to be on TV and on a big stage with lots of people cheering for you.

Reignn’s powerhouse voice entertained the audience of the Apollo in NYC. She sang at the Stars of Tomorrow contest and without surprise, won the contest.

Reignn says she loves to share her God-given talent to the world. When she is out sharing her talent Reignn enjoys covering artists like, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, and Taylor Swift. She says they all have great songs, and they inspire her to become a great singer. Reignn dreams of being a successful singer, musician and actress. With so many people inspiring her, her dream is sure to be realized one day.

Because of the internet artists like Reignn has the world for an audience, and the people of the world are finding her and loving her performances. She is looking forward to recording more songs for YouTube, and hopefully soon to have her own originals as well.

The music world is full of amazing performers and Reignn is another to add to the list. However is not the only thing Reignn can do. Reignn also plays the guitar and piano. She has been playing the piano since she was six. She says it is pretty cool playing the piano, she can sing whatever she wants without a CD. When she is enjoying some down time from performing, she loves the Littlest Pet Shop toys.

What a great world we live in today where we can watch young people like Reignn. When Reignn takes the stage she is not just a singer, she is a entertainer. She can capture any audience and keeps them hooked from the first note to the last. Reignn has total confidence and you can see that by how well she commands the stage, she owns it and a person that owns the stage, owns the audience. Don’t miss anything from Reignn, her voice is just brilliant!