Rhys Yeomans “Best Friend”

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Rhys Yeomans is the whole package. He is the UK`s triple threat, and he is amazing at all three, dancing, acting, and singing. He has been putting all these talents to good use, and they are rapidly raising him up to stardom. Rhys has been making quite a name for himself from his two years on stage as Billy Elliot, and now with his very first music video, “Best Friend”. Rhys done a spectacular performance in both. He captivated the audience in Billy Elliot, and he has made the, WOW! factor with his new video.

It is amazing the amount of talent lately that has only started performing in the past couple of years, and Rhys is another one of those outstanding talents to do so. He started singing around the age of two, but his first public performance did not come until two years ago when he won the part of Billy.  He loved playing the part of Billy for the two years. The most special performances of Billy Elliot for him was the opening night and his last night of performing as Billy. He said, that these two nights were the most emotional of them all. It was all an amazing experience for him, and he says, he will never forget.

Rhys original song, “Best Friend” was very well written, and Rhys delivered the song with excellence. The making of the video for “Best Friend” was a great experience for him. He made this video along with Kira Kosarin. He says, that Kira was very lovely  to work with. This was a great match up, and the  chemistry came across in the video, as if they truly were Best Friends.

Rhys dreams to be a great performer, whether it is acting or singing, but he does hope to one day be in a big film. With the talent that he has, his dreams are sure to come true. He continues to work on his dreams. He will have a new video, and song coming out soon.  You can be sure that it will be, as amazing as his first. With the great personality, and talents that Rhys posses,  he will be a great success in acting and singing. To keep up with everything going on with Rhys, visit his web site often because you don`t want to miss a thing that he does.  Rhys Yeomans