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 Georgia has a brand new star on the rise bringing an out of this world voice, and this beautiful young lady is, Riley Biederer. Riley is special, she has a voice that makes her a triple threat. Most people think of a triple threat as acting, dancing and singing, but for Riley it’s her exceptional voice that makes her a triple threat. She has a voice that will allow her to sing pop, new country and R&B, these three things are what makes her dynamite and will soon explode all over the music world. One great example of her singing abilities is her cover of, “Take a Bow”. Listening to this song you can hear the wonderful pop sound with a bit of an R&B vibe to it. She delivers this song as well as Rihanna. For someone who has barely been singing for a couple of years, she has a great understanding of what singing really is. Riley gives a great deal of credit to her vocal coach Jan Smith (“Mama J”, who also currently works with Justin Bieber, Usher, The Band Perry and a host of other charting performing artists). It is so important for a singer to be able to tell a story to where the listener believes and hangs on to your every word. Riley is able to do this very well. You can understand every word she sings, and every word has a meaning.

 Riley is an exceptionally talented songwriter, and loves how you can express yourself in such a direct or indirect way, and still get the message across in a song. She says this is especially true when you are writing your own songs. Then it’s like everything you wanted to say in three and a half minutes. She has written about 150 songs entirely on her own, and has had the good fortune to travel almost monthly to Nashville and write with some of the music industries greatest songwriters like  Liz Rose (Taylor Swift), Bob Dipiero (Songwriters Hall of Fame) , Brett James (11 number 1’s Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney) Blair Daly (4 number 1’s, Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban) Kristian Bush (Sugarland) Dave Berg (Reba, Rodney Adkins, Blake Shelton), Angelo (Kings of Leon).  Riley said, “Taylor Swift inspires her writing”. She has some great artists that inspires her in different ways, and in different parts of her career. Miley Cyrus inspires her personality and style, Demi Lovato inspires her perseverance and Kelly Clarkson for her genre of music. One of these great songs she co-wrote with Chris Roberts is titled, “From Time to Time”. Chris is a writer that is signed to Warner Chappell Publishing in Nashville. Riley had written another song with Chris the week prior, and they liked that song so much that Chris wanted her to come back to Nashville the following week to record it in a studio. Since Riley was coming back to town to record the song, they decided to write again and that writing session produced From Time to Time. Riley said the idea for this song came from where she dated a guy for a really long time and it ended leaving them as almost complete strangers. Even though they don’t talk much anymore, she still thinks about him. They have both moved on, but it means a lot to her because it is so real.

 She is extremely talented, and that talent has taken her on a phenomenal journey. Part of this journey includes some great performances that she really enjoyed doing. Last year she performed for the Forsyth Family Fest at the Fairgrounds. This was her first time performing with a full band singing her own songs in front of all of her friends and family in her own community. Also last year she really enjoyed My Life at Northpoint Church, because it was one of the biggest shows she has done. Riley absolutely loved the 2011 Orange Conference at the Gwinnette Arena. This was amazing for her singing in an arena for the first time, and in front of about 6,000 people.

Riley Biederer at stars2come

 Riley has done some great performances on her journey, but there is one performance where she did a simple open mic that changed everything for her. Paul Sanner was the open mic host, and he posted a video on YouTube that he made of Riley playing one of her original songs. After posting, Julie Still the wife of Grammy winning producer Matt Still, saw the video and showed it to Matt. Matt who has worked off and on with Elton John for fifteen years, went on Facebook and found Riley and her parents, and asked to come see Riley live. After watching her perform live, Matt wanted to produce a three song demo tape and show it to Elton John. They produced three of her original songs. Then in the spring of 2011, Matt had lunch with Elton John and played Riley’s three songs for him. Elton immediately called Riley while she was sitting in the lunchroom with her friends at high school and told her that he loved her music and can’t wait to meet her. Elton flew to New York and played the music for his management team at “Rocket Music”. The management team flew down and met with Riley and her parents. She then played eight more songs for them. On April 28, Riley was doing the opening song, “Imagine the Impossible” for the Orange Christian Leadership Conference at the Gwinnette Arena in front of 6,000 people when she got a call from Elton John’s manager indicating, Elton was returning from the Royal Wedding on Monday night and wanted to meet with Riley at his home in Atlanta on Tuesday morning! Riley and her parents went to Elton’s home and met with Elton, Matt, and the Rocket Music managing team. After some time Elton asked Riley if she would like to work with him and Rocket Music. After several months of negotiating, Rocket Music officially signed Riley to a multiyear internationally exclusive management agreement in December 2011. This agreement will greatly broaden her already amazing journey and take her places that she has only dreamed of. In late December Riley was invited by Elton John to the Rocket Music Christmas luncheon in London and got to sit with him at the head table for the event!  In March Elton invited Riley and her family to his concert in Augusta GA where he invited her backstage and then announced to a packed house of 8500 people that Riley was in the audience and dedicated the song “I’m going to be a Teen Age Idol” to her. All of this has really been an exciting time for Riley. When Riley was asked how she felt when Elton first called, she said, “I was actually at Lunch (at school) and it sort of surprised me. Everyone around me was like “Who?!” and I’m like “It’s Elton John.” No one believed me. hahaha. Except for like the few close friends who know about it all”. Working with Elton and Rocket Music has been amazing for her. Riley said, she has gotten so many amazing opportunities because of them. For her it is like a really fast process going real slow, everything happens at once then it stops. She loves it.

 There has been a lot of great things happen for Riley, but she says the music business has not changed her at all; she is still crazy and carefree. She still loves going on vacation with her friends, shopping, and just hanging out, and write songs about it all. Riley does have a very bright future ahead of her. She has all the talent and creativity to take her anywhere she wants to go in music. The world is going to love, Riley!

 There is so much coming from Riley very soon. Her first professionally produced music video has just been completed and will be released soon, and she has been recording some great songs that should also come out soon. To keep up with this wonderful journey she is on, check her web site regularly at,