Riley Roth





  Riley Roth at stars2come    Riley Roth is a wonderful young lady who works very hard to bring you the best music she can. She is a charming person, and some of this charm she has comes out well in her performances. Riley is a treat to watch live, and always has a great smile. It is refreshing to see young performers  bring their smiles to the stage, this adds so much to their performance.

Riley first started out in theater when she was eight years old. She has done both community and professional theater. Then in December 2010, she decided to focus solely on singing. This has worked out great for Riley, and has caught the attention of people that are awarding her with paid performances. She has performed at many places, but she loved performing at the, Hershey park Amphitheater. She also put on some fantastic performances at the Country Tonight Theater in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, in March 2011. Here at the theater she was performing for NACMAI, where she took home the Future Star award for female vocalist 7 – 12. This is not the only award this young lady has taken home, she has had several presented to her. She got a couple of amazing awards from, Texaco Country Showdown, 2010 she was the local winner, and state finalist, 2011 she was the Songwriting winner for the month of May, and now a finalist for the grand prize of, $5000.00, and a developmental deal with a publishing company in Nashville. These are just a few of all she has earned, and there will be many more to come.

People are taking notice of Riley and this had gained her several radio spots with interviews, and has had three of her songs played on air, on a couple different stations. She gets a lot of inspiration for all she does from people like, Taylor Swift, Colbie Calait, and Jewel, and just like them Riley loves to perform, the bigger the crowd the better. This is part of her goal to perform for bigger audiences each year, till one day she can make a living on stage. Riley is thinking the correct way of making it in music, and that is build your fans, and Riley is doing just that.

Right now she has three complete songs written, but has many started and waiting to be finished. The three songs she has finished you can find on her new CD, “Love”. The CD has ten songs total with two covers and the rest written by Nashville songwriters. All her hard work is truly paying off. Even with so much going on Riley still makes time for regular girl stuff, cheer leading, shopping, and hanging out with friends, but when a performance calls she is right there with that wonderful smile ready to entertain. Be sure to stop by and pick up her CD, “Love” , you will be glad you did. To keep up with Riley stop by her web site to get all the updates of her performances. Riley Roth