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We have a wonderful young male artist coming straight out of Tennessee, and you guessed it, he has a fantastic country voice. RJ`s voice is amazing, and any song he sings no matter if it is country or pop he fits  it all. The attitude and expressions he can put in a song and on stage makes him a a rising star.

RJ has been singing for most of his life, and everything he puts into a song all comes with out any vocal training. Some people just have a natural talent for singing, and RJ is one of these people. He can sing anything and it comes out amazing. It was only about three years ago that he began  performing in public. He started at school and has performed in Gatlinburg Tennessee.

Since his beginning he has performed all over Tennessee, and yes even Nashville. He performed in Nashville on June 9, 2011, for the BB King showcase. At this showcase he really had a lot of fun and got to meet some amazing people. Another place he really liked performing was in Huntsville Tennessee. Here he performed for the Fireman`s Forth Festival, on July 4, 2011. He liked this really well, because he got to sing a lot and local fans could come out. RJ`s great talent is not going unnoticed, and he is now the 2011 preteen Scott County Idol winner.

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RJ Jeffers at stars2come RJ has many great influences that he looks up to for their style and sound. Some of these include Rascal Flatts, Josh Turner, Anthony Smith, and many local artists. Following in all these great people`s footsteps, you can bet RJ will be right up there with them soon. He loves to to sing in front of people, especially when they get excited about his performance. There is a lot about his performances to get excited about. He just puts so much into his music, that you can not help, but enjoy everything he does.

 RJ is working on writing some songs. He currently has four written, but has not put them to music yet. He says, that the songs he writes just comes to him. It will be very exciting when RJ gets his songs to music they are sure to be amazing. He really loves music, but for the most part he is just a kid out having fun. He does have fun with music, and other great activities. He is a normal country boy who likes fishing, 4 wheelers, and  video games. It is always good to see young people taking time out to just have a good time.

 RJ has made his way on to TV for charity benefits, talent shows, and festivals. It seems everyone has take notice of RJ in some way, and his popularity keeps growing. He has a growing number of performances and you can catch him very soon in Nashville again. He will be performing at the Nashville Palace on Labor Day weekend. This is sure to be a great show. Don`t miss it!