Roxie Bardo

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Roxie is a seventeen year old pop artist who is totally original. Roxie is originally from Tennessee, but currently living in LA  and she is bringing a new spin to the pop world. She does not sing or act like any other artist, she is truly her own person. Roxie writes a lot of her own material, but she does not get into the bubblegum pop. She says she wants to be seen as original and substantial. She also says you have to stay true to yourself or else you are not anyone at all, you just become a carbon copy of others. Roxie is so right, you have to stay true to yourself, being original is what gets people noticed by not only the industry, but everyone that is listening. Being original is what makes an artist.

Roxie took off on her musical journey when she was about 4 or 5 years old. She use to perform in her front yard with two of her neighbors as back-up dancers entertaining everyone. They would perform songs by Britney Spears and Mariah Carey for the neighborhood and family. So far she has had a great journey and has performed many times, but her favorite performance so far is one of her first solo performances. She said it was a few years ago in a small cafe singing about seven of her original songs. She sang in front of an intimate crowd, and even though it was a small performance, she liked how easy it was to connect with the audience.  Roxie said there was no dancing, just her singing and them listening, and it made her realize just how moving music can be. When Roxie sings you can really feel the passion in her music, she will be moving people for a longtime to come. Her wonderful skills as an artist has earned her the honor of being a nominee as Female Vocalist Of The Year for the 23rd LA Music Awards. She says she is honored to be included in such a big event.

Even though Roxie writes a lot of her own songs, she still loves doing covers. Currently she is enjoying singing music by Lorde. Roxie says her lyrics are hypnotizing and every song has a substantial message.

One of the best things about Roxie is that, she is real! This doesn’t only show in her music, but in her perspective on others and herself. She says she feels like the majority of people are afraid to be vulnerable, to let their walls down to let others see who they really are. Roxie loves to perform and it’s her way of being vulnerable and evolving as a person. She says performing can teach you a lot about life and accepting yourself. Every time she performs she feels like she is letting go of everything that is weighing her down and releasing it into the world. She says that feeling is addictive and once you start, it’s hard to stop.

Roxie’s writing skills are excellent, she has a great way of putting the right words together. She not only writes for herself, but also writes for other artists as well. She has written hundreds of songs and she is excited to be releasing her first full album. She says she does have specific songs that are very special to her. One of her songs, “Alive” is on her EP and is very important to her and holds a lot meaning. This song emotionally released her in many ways and she will be forever grateful for that. Roxie’s music is usually written about personal experiences, but sometimes she will write from different points of view. She has learned not to force it, but to let it come naturally .

She is an amazing artist and her goal in life is to leave a positive impact on this world with music and her philanthropic ventures.  She wants to be able to help others who do not have the same opportunities. Also hopefully inspire people who do have the opportunities to face their fears and take that leap in pursuing their passions.

Roxie has some great things coming up that you do not want to miss. She is excited to perform at the My Water Presents: Inside The Drop, Game Changer concert on September 28th. She says this will be a lot of fun and the company promotes drinking water instead of sugary beverages. She will also be performing at the Music 4 Education Benefit Concert by Pencils of Promise. This is supporting a  great cause, education. Also be sure to vote for her as Female Vocalist of the Year at LA Music Awards.

Roxie is about as real as you can get for an artist. She is not just an artist that you should rush out to only buy her songs, but she is someone that you should get to know. She does have her heart in the right place and it is easy to see in her music and who she is as a person. With the passion and the heart she has, there is nothing but great things to come from Roxie.