Ryleigh Ledford

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If you happen to be down in Georgia and you smell something burning, it might just be Ryleigh Ledford because she is, a “Girl on Fire”! This girl is burning hot and when you hear Ryleigh you will never forget her name. Ryleigh started out in music very young, but here in the past several months she has really been heating things up, and you better believe people are taking notice. This girl has both feet on the ground and she knows what she wants and she aims to get it. When Ryleigh sings a song, you can hear in the background a sizzle because she is burning it up! If you ever get a chance to meet and see Ryleigh in person, you better take it, because there will come a day you will not be able to get with-in 50 feet of her. This girl is on fire and she is fixing to set the music industry a blaze!

Ryleigh has always loved music and she realized along the way how it can touch people and how powerful music can be. Around five or six years old is when she began blowing people away with her music. She started out singing in churches and she was invited to sing in an adult Christmas play and was always loud, singing over everyone else, but this started the flame and she has done nothing but blown people away since.

One of Ryleigh’s favorite performances was when she sang, “How Great Thou Art” live at the TBN studios. This is one of her favorites because it will be on TV. She also likes singing the National Anthem. She has performed the National Anthem at three minor league baseball games, and she just loves the roar of the crowd and how the stadium makes her voice sound.

Ryleigh does a great job when picking covers, every song she sings fits her perfectly. She has a great personality, witty and a bit of sass thrown in the mix, this has made for some great music and  you can see and hear it all in her videos. Unlike most people when they film videos, Ryleigh adds a cool introduction to them, and this lets people see a little bit of who she  is. She will soon be recording two more covers, “Catch My Breath” and “Home”, and you can bet she will burn these up. She may be heading out to LA very soon as well to work on some projects there. You will also be able to catch her on the iShine Knect TV show very soon. She has had a great experience working with iShine, not only did she get to sing, but do interviews of the iShine stars and producers.

She has started to write some of her own songs and so far she has two written. Ryleigh says these songs are special to her because they tell you not to give up. She also says she has a creative imagination, and likes to read books and this helps her writing inspirations. Ryleigh hopes to be a major artist and actress, but would also like to have her own talk show like Ellen.

Ryleigh may be burning up every song she sings, but she is still  just a fun little girl enjoying life like everyone else. She loves animals and her favorites are narwhal and llamas. Of Course she loves to sing, dance, act and play any sport of any kind. Her favorite TV shows are, Touched By An Angel and Castle, and also loves the songs Lead Me and Concrete Angel., While she does have favorite shows and songs like most, she also has a big heart. One day Ryleigh would like to create an organization to help kids with autoimmune diseases. Ryleigh may be an average kid at home, but when she hits the studio there is nothing average about her. The fire that Ryleigh has is doing nothing but getting hotter and those flames are growing higher each day. She is a girl on fire and the day will come, and when it does Ryleigh will burn those charts up!