Sabrina Carpenter



 I would like for you to meet Sabrina Carpenter , ten years , and lives in Pennsylvania USA.  A beautiful young lady with a beautiful voice to match. In the video above she is singing ” Almost Lover ” with her sister Shannon dancing.  Her dancing was so graceful and Sabrina sung the song with such beauty that it became ,_ art. I really loved her soft voice in this song .

     Sabrina is a very talented young lady, she first sang in front of people at her school when she was five . ” She said ” it was kind of weird at first but,   soon got comfortable with it and that it felt like it`s where she belonged.  Sabrina also challenges her self with the songs she picks, and has done a couple of songs in different languages , she hopes that one day she will be able to sing in other countries someday. With this kind of ambition and  talent I believe she will. All of this is already paying off . Sabrina entered the Miley World contest and came in third out of ten thousand people,  that is quite an achievement .”  She says ” that the experience really changed her in many ways. Sabrina was nine when the contest began . They had several rounds to go through and she always managed to be in the top one or two . After she made it to the top twenty she was the youngest,  the rest were fourteen to sixteen.  ” She says ” she could feel her confidence get stronger and stronger . She was a little girl with power , attitude , range and soul. Sabrina certainly has thoughs qualities.

                                                            Above is Sabrina singing ” Black Velvet ” and gets a little,_ attitude!  going in it. I like seeing people like Sabrina that can get the attitude in and I think she done a wonderful job of it in this video.  I know she has a bright future ahead of her. The camera loves her,  she can dance , play the guitar, and a very good performer. Some of the videos shows this off quite well. One of the things I like, that stands out real well with Sabrina, is the passion she can deliver in a song and it seems to just come natural , that is a wonderful gift to have .  Sabrina is a very sweet girl in every way. I hope everyone will give her their support to help her along her journey.  I have more videos below for you to enjoy. The first three are some of the videos that helped her to place third in the Miley World contest , I have also provided some of her in different languages..Be sure to stop by her channel Sabrinastar99..