Saige Swinford

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Saige Swinford is spectacular! She is an outstanding performer, vocally and on screen. She done a music video, “These Boots”, and her performance in the video was truly amazing, she has so much energy in her performance, she could easily be an actress or a singer. All of her expressions, and the attitude that she brought was like she had been acting for many years, and the song couldn’t have been more perfect for her voice. The creators and Saige deserves a huge applause for thier accomplishment.

This beautiful young lady didn’t start singing till the age of eight, but her mom says, Saige has been acting since the day she was born. It is obvious that acting does come natural for her. She started off her singing career at a neighborhood performance, where she sang her first solo, “Where Are You Christmas”. In the summer of 2011 she loved playing Repunzal in “Tangled, and the fall of the same year she got to play another great part Veruka Salt in “Willy Wonka Jr.” She loves doing performances like these.You can bet she was sensational in these performances.

In her community talent show she was in the top 20. Saige may not have won the talent show, but it was still a big win for her, since this was the first time for her to sing on stage with lights. At this show she sang a song from Les Miserable at eight years old. She doesn’t know where all her drive for performing comes from, but it always just feels right to her to be on stage. She says, she is always happier when she has a performance to look forward to. Singing and acting lets her express her feelings with her God given talents. She said, that she had been told, that she has a lot of energy behind her voice, but she also says, that the energy comes from having two brothers and a sister. When she was eight she got a guitar for Christmas, and wrote her very first song that night for her 3 year old brother.

Saige is a very sweet girl that believes friendships should be long lasting, and we should encourage each other, not bring each other down. Not only is she very talented, but she is also has a great belief system with-in her, friends should be long lasting. She does not really have any goals set at this time, she is a kid who loves to sing and act. She is perfectly happy just being a kid. This is the way it should be, kids should always put being a kid first.    She may be just a kid, but this kid has talent from head to toe. In the song she sings, “These Boots” it says these boots are made for walking, well Saige is made for performing, and she does it extremely well. She could easily become the next great child star.