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There has been some amazing duos, like Brooks and Dunn, and Montgomery, Gentry, now next on the list comes Sam and Luke. These guys are burning up the stages from Vancouver Canada, to Nashville Tennessee, and everywhere in between. The songs they write are gaining them fans across two countries. Everyone loves them, from the time they set foot on stage till the last note of their last song. Be sides their great music, they have such an amazing character to them you couldn’t help but like Sam and Luke if they sang or not, their charisma just radiates from them.

Sam and Luke are brothers that gained their love for music after they went and saw their first concert in 2005. They didn’t waste time, they went and picked up a couple of guitars and started teaching themselves how to play, sing, and write songs. Two years later they made their first public appearance at a coffee shop  in Vancouver. They didn’t have enough songs for the set, so Sam had to actually compose a song on the spot. The audience loved that, and they were hooked. Sam and Luke has not stopped since. They now have over 300 shows in all kinds of places from coffee houses to large auditoriums. One of these shows was really cool for them. It was an outdoor music festival, the stage and audience was huge, and the organizers for the show put them up in a luxury condo on the 18th hole of a golf course.

Sam and Luke, with no surprise have won many awards for their music. These contests are what gave them the confidence to pursue music full time. One of these contests they won had a $5000.00 prize. They used the money to help pay for their first all original album, “Standing In A Room” in 2010. This album went on to be named one of British Columbia’s top CD’s of 2010. In fact they are in a contest right now on the Southern Star Network, they have been nominated for Independent Artist of the Year. If you would like to help them get into the finals go to    and click under their photo.

For Sam and Luke there is no greater feeling than when they connect to a audience. Music is their passion and it shows very well in their songs. They hope to be able to do this for the rest of their lives. If they continue writing songs like they do, you can bet they will be doing this for a very long time. They currently have 50 songs written and sometimes while writing they can have a bit of an argument, but when it comes to their future in the music business, they are of the same mind.  They have just recorded their debut country pop album in Nashville and will soon be released.

Sam and Luke they are coming out with some amazing music that everyone will enjoy. Stardom for these two is right in reach, and once it grabs them they will be, Grammy bound! Here is a sample from their debut album, a song called, “Helpless’, you will not be able to keep your feet still.