Sam Verlinden


     Sam is a fabulous young artist . Sam lives in New Zealand , and I believe he has stolen the hearts of all who live there, and will steal yours as well. At four years old he got invited to a studio, after a local radio station came in to his preschool to do some interviews for their show. There he got to do some recordings ,_ half of the songs recorded was of Micheal Jackson`s hits. Micheal is one of his influences. From there he has performed in many events and contests, sixty two , to date. That is incredible for someone who is now, just twelve years old. At the top is one of the contests he was in singing ” Who`s Lovin You ” In the 5 Minutes of Fame finals. In 2005 he joined the Auckland Children’s Musical Theater group. Sam and some friends from the group formed a band called Kidz Rock doing pop , rock , contemporary and 70`s music. 

   Sam also performs with the school band R.E.P. which he did at the battle of the bands. ( above ). Which they do an awesome job of performing ” Pinball Wizard ” . The thing with Sam is, where ever he performs people go crazy. You can see it in his videos, everyone really gets into his music. I enjoy watching him on stage. He works the stage like he`s been doing it thirty years instead of twelve. He`s at home up there and ” he`s ”   having a blast every minute he is there. This shows me that , Sam`s not becoming a star ( he is a star ) ! Sam and his friend Hannah sometimes performs together and they compliment each other nicely , it is a joy listening to them. They make a very good duo , I hope to hear more of them together in the future.  Sam truly is one of top of the boy singers. He should be proud of all that he has accomplished thus far. I am sure he will continue to be a star of N.Z. and around the world.  Please stop by his channel and web site and give him your support plus I will leave a link to where you can get even more info. on Sam. Thanks