Samantha LaPorta

Samantha Laporta at stars2come

Introducing Samantha LaPorta another amazing artist coming out of Florida. Samantha is very refreshing, she has a nice sweet innocent voice which helps to make her music more believable. Samantha is very genuine, and this is what makes her music special, you can feel just how genuine she is in every song she sings. There will be a  lot of great songs to come from Samantha, and its going to be a delight listening and watching her grow.

When Samantha decided she wanted to sing, she got her desire in a big way. One week before she started fifth grade she sent a video to a vocal coach that she wanted to start lessons with. Well the very next day the vocal coach asked her to sing the National Anthem at an event called, Pace Patriot Night, this is a big deal where she lives. All the football teams from primary to high school, the cheerleaders, parents everyone comes, the stadium is packed. She said she was so nervous because she had never sung for anyone before, not even her parents. “I remember hearing my name announced over the PA system, now! welcome our very own Samantha LaPorta” she says. It was one of the best, but scariest days ever, but she wanted to prove to herself she could do it.

Samantha has been doing really well with performances, and she had a great one in Nashville. She went and  performed at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville for a showcase, and at the end of her set, Jim Riley, the drummer for the Rascal Flatts told her he really liked her songs, and took a picture with her. This was amazing for her. She also  has performed at the pregame show for the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, they are a Cincinnati Reds farm team. She said the stadium is enormous and seeing herself on the jumbo screen was, amazing!  “Definitely the biggest audience I have ever performed for and hearing the crowd cheer and chant my name was an amazing experience” she said.

Many artists her age compete in a lot of contests, but Samantha doesn’t really have a big interest in them like others. She said she did get a cool trophy singing at Lonnie’s in Nashville, but contests are not her thing. She does have a lot of friends who sing in contests and she really don’t want to compete against friends. However once she gets older she would like to try one of the TV competitions.

For Samantha performing is just fun. She says when she plays her guitar and sings, there is more freedom to make a song her own, or as her friends say, “funk it up”. When she is out performing somewhere she likes to cover singer songwriters like Carrie Underwood. Samantha says she can connect with the emotion of her songs without having the real life experience. Samantha also says when she is singing with emotion she feels connected with the audience. “I like that feeling”, she says.

Her goal is to one day sing and be on TV like Lucy Hale. However she just got braces, and she says she feels sort of like a caterpillar waiting to be a butterfly. For now Samantha is  working on her monologues, focusing on technique just waiting to transform into a beautiful butterfly ready to take on the world.

Samantha is learning a lot of great skills and one skill she has started learning is songwriting. She said her guitar teacher told her to get out and write a lot of songs. So now she does write down lyrics, ideas, and many things that she just wonders about, and she has a notebook filled with all these things. She says she feels she is more of a storyteller with a melody. Every once in a while when she is writing, something just clicks and she thinks, “that is not so bad”. Songs are stories and there are many great artists out there telling stories, and what makes them great is how they tell them. Samantha has a wonderful voice and with her humility she is going to make a spectacular storyteller and people will not be able to wait to hear them.

Samantha is a wonderful kid surrounded by a great support team and a growing number of fans. She is on a wonderful journey, but she still enjoys hanging with friends and doing regular kid stuff too. She says she just loves to play the guitar and sing and cannot wait to see what happens next. People can see a little of what she is doing by stopping by today April 5th at the Santa Rosa County Fair  she is a guest artist opening for AGT’s Chloe Channell. You can also find her soon performing for the Relay For Life which is a special event for her because her dad is a cancer survivor. She has also been invited back to sing for the Blue Wahoos this summer.

Samantha is a wonderful new artist and she is going to have many surprises for her fans on her journey. She has such a great quality to her personality that people are going to love her. The way she looks at things is what will turn her into an amazing storyteller. She looks at things honestly and people who do that makes great artists and tell the best stories and Samantha is one of those people.