Samantha Potter

Samantha Potter at stars2come

Samantha is a very fun and upbeat young lady. All of the videos she puts out you can see and hear how fun she is making everything fun for you as well. This is a great thing it makes her stand out in her performances, because if she is having fun so will everyone watching. For just being ten years old she has a very strong and controlled voice, this does not come from just talent, but from taking her music seriously. People who takes their music serious will always come out ahead of the others in their performances, and Samantha is proof of that. She is one of these young artists that if you just listen and not watch the videos, you would never guess that she was just ten. Amazing!

Samantha’s career took off after she performed for the first time at a recital at a church that she took piano lessons from. She was seven years old, and sang Hannah Montana’s, Hoedown Throwdown. When she turned eight she started performing at a ice cream shop and coffee shop on a regular basis.  Samantha also enjoyed the Hot Pipes Competition, there were about 100 contestants in the 8-14 year category, she sang Taylor Swift’s “Sparks Fly” to qualify and then Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep in the finals. She did not win, but she said she had a great time, it was a lot of fun. How ever this year was a bit different, she entered a local radio station’s singing contest and, won!  She got to sing on a nice  stage at an outdoor mall, and was very excited when a couple of the judges gave her a, 10.  Samantha ended up winning $1000.00, and a trip to Legoland Ca. Singing makes her happy and a way for her to express what she is feeling inside. Samantha is a true artist.

Taylor Swift is Samantha’s favorite artist to cover, she just loves all her songs. Samantha feels she has the same style as Taylor, a little bit of country and a little bit of pop. Taylor is also her role model since Taylor is a singer/writer just like she is. Samantha wants to write songs that the people love just like Taylor. Samantha is well on her way to be like Taylor, she already has two great songs out that she wrote called, “That Boy” and “Give It Everything”. That Boy is about a crush and Give It Everything is inspirational and motivational. She is currently working on videos for both of these songs and you can bet they will be as awesome as her songs. For Samantha a tune or lyrics just seem to pop in her head, and when it does she takes it from there. Usually the songs are about something she is going to try or something that is on her mind. She hopes to produce music and videos that people will enjoy, and if she is successful at that, she says she can end up helping a lot of people.

Samantha is just your average ten year old, that still loves to play, but takes her music seriously. She is a very fun girl and she hopes that comes through in her videos. It most certainly does come through. For anyone that wants to listen to some great music, and have fun in the process check out Samantha’s videos they are amazing. Samantha’s motto is : love, peace, sing. Don’t miss anything this wonderful artist has going on. One great performance she has coming up is for the MS Walk in November, she will be singing the National Anthem plus other songs as well. This will be her biggest crowd so far 1000 people. To keep up with everything Samantha does and buy some of her great songs you can here