Sami Murphy

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Sami is a Houston, Texas native, but destined for Nashville. Sami has already let Nashville know who she is and what she is capable of doing. Her and her family took a family trip to Nashville in the summer of 2014, and while there she let her talent ring throughout the Honky Tonks. One of the stops Sami made was none other than, Honky Tonk Central in downtown Nashville. She got to sing with the Hoss Skelton Band to a packed house; she loved it!  Singing at Tootsie’s was exciting for Sami, she sang Red Neck Woman and was able to get the crowd to sing along with her. Sami also let her presence be known at Legends, and loved singing Proud Mary with Junior and Beau Hendrich. Sami now has the attention of Nashville, and it is only the beginning.

Before Sami made her Nashville singing debut, she started out like most kids singing at her school’s talent show. She made her first performance at the age of eight in front of her school, she sang Set Fire To The Rain. Her first performance outside of school came at Fitzgerald’s in Houston.

Houston has a TV show called, Houston’s Own Country. Sami recorded two songs for the show, Falling, and One and Only. The show airs regularly on Thursday nights at 9:30 pm. Sami’s episode aired about every six weeks.

Sami loves to perform, and the enthusiasm and excitement of the crowd really get her going. For her there’s nothing like performing with a band and having fun with them, and the audience. Sami likes covering many different artists, but a couple of her favorites are Jennifer Nettles and Adele. She really likes performing songs of their’s because they are difficult and complex, and this makes a good challenge for her.

She hopes to someday to become a successful singer and get to meet all of her idols, like Jennifer, Adele, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood and AC/DC. Sami does have her eyes set on a few Grammy’s as well.

Sami has been doing a little songwriting and has lyrics for ten songs. She gets a lot of her ideas from things that goes on with her life. One song she wrote is called, Singin’ On Broadway this was inspired from her trip to Nashville. There is a song that is special to her called, When Will the Goodbyes End. This song was written when she was eight and her older siblings were leaving for college. That made her really sad.

There will be a lot of great things coming up for Sami this year. They have already planned for another trip to Nashville to record her original songs for her first EP. She has also been invited to co-write with some songwriters in Nashville this summer. She will be working with writers from, Rare Spark Media.

Sami says she is a very energetic girl without fear. Sometimes fear does creep-up on her when performing for a small crowd that she knows like family. Sami is an amazing person, but she is totally a Tomboy. She loves dogs, especially her brother’s. Sami plays soccer and is a family girl and loves ice cream, but she hates cancer and any incurable disease.

Sami is just your typical little girl, until she steps in front of a mic. Everywhere Sami sings, people love her. Music is a part of Sami, she tells you her story in her songs. It will be great to watch Sami grow into something major, and it will come. She has a voice that will take her anywhere she wants to go in life.