Samuel Cristea

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Samuel is a twelve year old that brings it all to the table for your entertainment. He is a singer, songwriter, actor, and dancer. You can see the great skill he has very well in his video, Time 2 Dance. In this video he shows off some great dancing, and his unique sound making for some awesome entertainment. This video was shot at IDA Hollywood in Hollywood, where he takes his dance lessons. He makes some smooth moves in his video along with the rest of the cast. The cast was made up of students from dance studio that Samuel goes to. He said, it was really hard to pick the dancers, because all the kids were so talented. He did love making the video, he said, there was so much energy from the kids which made it so much fun.

Samuel started singing at age ten, and has a great vocal coach, his dad. He does learn a lot on his own by listening to music and practicing all the time. You can tell in his songs that practice does make perfect.  His dad is a singer as well and if not for him Samuel may not have started. He had his first performance at the Celebrity Center International opening for other artists. He has come a long way since he started. Not long ago he gave a performance for the opening of his first music video, Time 2 Dance. He said, this was a lot of fun and a lot of fans showed up for the event.

His inspiration comes from Michael Jackson, because he was such a great artist. This shows in his music, he has a great style just like Michael. Samuel is a wonderful songwriter as well. He has written four songs so far, with two of them recorded. His song “Summer Time”, is special for him, because he loves summer, and where his songs comes from his experiences, Summer Time would be anyone`s favorite experience. People everywhere will be able to relate to this song.

Samuel is making his way quite well in TV. He has been in several Disney commercials such as, Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney 3D Wow, and Disney California Adventure, plus many more. You can also find him in three short films, Charlie, Once on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, and One for You and One for Me. This is only the beginning, you can count on a lot of great things coming from Samuel, he has all the talent and ambition to bring all of us some great entertainment for a long time to come. He does do a lot of things, but he is a great fun loving kid who likes to sing. Be sure to pick up your copy of his single, Jamin  , you will love it.