Sara Collins, A True Southern Charm

Sara Collins at stars2come

Down south in Baton Rouge, Louisiana somewhere in the countryside, on a trail, field, or creek you will find a true southern charm, and her name is Sara Collins. Sara is a  country girl who is now taking that charm to Nashville and becoming a huge success. Most people have things in their personalities that standout and helps to make them who they are. Sara is one of these people and it is her southern charm that doesn’t just standout, it exudes from her very being. Her charm is found when she speaks, sings and the music she writes. It plays a part in making her so intriguing; this causes people to stop and say, “who” is this person. She, is Sara Collins, Louisiana’s southern charm.

It is fortunate for music fans that Sara discovered her love for performing at an early age or we would have missed out on something special. It was at the ripe old age of six that Sara received her first keyboard for Christmas. She began taking lessons and fell in love with music. “I started  taking voice lessons at the age of eight from Blues artist Kenny Acosta. Soon after I asked for and received a guitar and Mr. Kenny started teaching me guitar as well” says Sara. At a young age Sara says she was the shyest kid ever when it came to people, no matter if it was family gatherings or large crowds. However, Sara and her friend would put on shows. They would dress up, practice their songs and perform them for Sara’s parents. In the forth grade Sara was chosen for a solo for the Veterans Day programs at her school. “I was so nervous that I didn’t even tell my parents I had a solo” says Sara. After her performance she realized how much fun it was and decided then and there that performing is what she wanted to do.

During her growth in music she has had the honor of performing at Carnegie Hall when she was in the seventh grade. She was part of the first ever group of middle schoolers to be invited by The Honor’s Performance Series to sing there. It was her first trip to New York City and was a very special time. Carnegie Hall was a great experience, but singing at a local restaurant is special as well. The restaurant is called, The American Farmhouse. One of the owners used to be her vocal coach and she allowed Sara to perform there every Thursday night. Performing here  was a big help for her. “The more I performed at The Farmhouse the more comfortable I got on stage, and the more confident I became as a person” says Sara.

Currently Sara is working on her first EP called, Lovesick Cinderella which will be out soon. And here recently she has released the title song, and the video, Lovesick Cinderella. The charm she has shows greatly in this video and song. Sara was the co-writer for the song, and the southern flare shines through. “The original idea was Backwoods Cinderella, and later turned into a beautiful song about a failed relationship’ says Sara. She says that making the video was so much fun and a great experience. “The director, Carl Diebold, had such an amazing story-line for the video and it turned out to be so elegant and beautiful” says Sara. The scenes in the video were filmed at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville. This was her first real video and she had a great time working with her leading man. She does hope to do another soon. The entire song and video was all well written and orchestrated. Sara’s southern accent added great character and believability to the song. Lovesick or not, she is a southern Cinderella.

Sara Collins at stars2come  Sara loves to write and so far has about ten songs written that she feels are good songs, these were written by herself. She has also twelve songs that she co-wrote with different songwriters. On her EP she feels that all the songs are special and that there’s a couple that people will hear with their hearts. Her EP will be released here in the near future and she is very excited about that. “I Can’t wait for everyone to hear it” says Sara.

Even though Sara is a great songwriter, she loves to cover artists that inspire her. When it is just Sara playing, she likes to cover Kacey Musgraves. “She is an amazing songwriter and her songs are so relatable”says Sara. When performing with her band she loves to cover Valerie by Amy Winehouse. She says it has a great groove to it and fun to cover. She also likes covering Miranda Lambert. “Her songs are just so captivating and they allow me to express my emotions to the audience” says Sara. She has lots of shows this month so be sure and catch her live at one of them.

In Sara’s EPK video she describes herself as a Hannah Montana type person. She describes herself this way because she basically does live a duel life, sings by night and play by day. When not performing she fills her time either fishing, shooting or four wheeling. (A true country boy’s dream). But her love is performing and performing at her church is the best. When performing she hopes to make another person’s day just a little bit brighter. Anyone who listens to her music will have a brighter day, you cannot help being drawn in by her voice and presence. She is a star in the making, with a very bright future.