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Ten year old Sara Rowe has been amazing people with her talent in acting and singing while out chasing her dream of being on Disney or Nickelodeon. She is perfect for any show that may come her way; she is funny, outspoken, and bubbly on camera, not to mention one of the cuties faces out there. When it comes to her singing she is just dynamite can sing any genre, but there is something in her voice and character that could put her more in line with Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift a country/pop  kind of girl, and you can bet Nashville would love her.

Sara first started out at the age of seven for Dee Studios musical production of Toy Story in Santa Clarita, California. In the production, she played the dog Slinky and the penguin Wheezy. The director of the show Nancy Horak picked her to close the show with Robert Goulet’s jazzy version of, “You Got A Friend In Me” dressed in a penguin suite. “Very funny and I was hooked as a performer”, says Sara. At one of Sara’s performances Virginia Stewart director of a children’s opera group called Once Upon A Opera and recruited her and things just took off. Sara ended up doing several operas including Carmen for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Opera. It was not long after this that she was referred to a triple threat training program in LA called Hollywood Launch Academy. She says she auditioned and was selected as their youngest member at eight years old. Sara said, “I’ve been training there for 2 years and credit them (especially the director  Jonathan George) with really developing my vocal performance skills and acting.

Sara has done a lot of amazing things and has entertained many people since her beginning. There was one comedy skit that she was a blast to watch and very funny called Carmine the Magnificent and Carlos the Dummy, she played Carlos and it became one of her favorite performances. Sara had a lot of fun practicing it with her talented friend Rita Rodriquez and she got to do a real cool Spanish accent too. Sara has also performed  at The House of Blues on Sunset. Sara said that this was where she first performed Carrie Underwood’s song, Good Girl, and it was incredible. “I love the song and it was the first real concert performance I’d done in front of a big audience”, says Sara.

Sara Rowe at stars2come Sara loves the arts and has a great passion for them. She says it is an incredible feeling getting on stage singing or acting. She loves seeing the audience reactions and it always makes her feel good.

Sara has many great talents and another that she is doing really well with is piano. She has been playing for over a year and she really likes it. She says that someday she would like to compose music and the piano will be great help.

She was in a vocal competition called, Socal Icon and came out in the top five of this very big competition. Sara done an excellent job getting this far with contestants coming from all over the country to compete in this contest. She said it started with what seemed like 100 contestants, but made her way through the first round and then the semifinals, and ended up being one of five kids competing if front of celebrity judges. She said it was a great experience.

Sara has been on stage for theater and music, and now comes TV; it is like there is no end to her talent. Here just recently she filmed Kidz Bop 25 for 2 days at Universal Studios in Hollywood. She said she had so much fun, they filmed a music video for the CD and footage for several commercials. She was also in an international commercial with Halle Berry for her shoe line for Deichmann. It was just Sara, Halle, and the driver so Sara was really featured. “They gave me my own chair between takes so I felt like a real star!” says Sara. Of course you can also find Sara in Mess Masters. Mess Masters was an ad campaign to promote the show Dirty Jobs (and a line of cleaning products associated with the show) starring Mike Rowe. She said this was a blast, they had her make the biggest mess she could, filmed it, and then Mike Rowe interviewed her. “The best part was when they made me try to eat a foot tall hamburger and covered me in condiments”, Sara says.

This wonderful girl has been interview many times and here recently she got to return the favor and do some interviewing herself. Sara just finished interviewing celebrities at the 2014 Golden Globes Secret Room Carpet Style lounge event at the SLS hotel in Beverly Hills, Ca. representing the BYOU organization. She interviewed a bunch of celebs including, Joe Lo Truglio from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Victoria Secret super model Toni Garrn, Titus Welliver from Agents of Shield, and many others.

Sara does do a lot in entertainment, but she is really just like any other girl hanging out with friends having sleepovers, and she has a dog named Rocky she likes to play with. She loves art and draws whenever she gets the chance. Her favorite game to play is Minecraft. Sara loves to build roller coasters and mansions in her world. Most of all she loves her family.

Sara is out chasing her dreams and she is a person that belongs not only on Disney or Nick, but she needs her own show, The Sara Rowe show. She is talented in so many areas, she can act, extremely funny, witty, can sing anything, the perfect ingredients for an awesome show.  Now this would be a show all ages would find themselves laughing and having a great time watching. Don’t miss any of Sara’s adventures by keeping track of her on Facebook, and coming soon website