Sara Tudorie

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Sara is someone when you look at her you would not think of her as a rocker, but this young lady is tearing up the air waves with her music. Sara spends a great deal of time bringing her outstanding style of rock and rap to audiences everywhere. When she is on stage Sara puts on a top of the line performance, complete with some awesome dance moves and outstanding costumes. One of the songs she performs “Bounce” is an awesome example of her rock and rap talents. It makes you wonder how a girl at just ten years old can bring such great music, but she never fails, she is excellent!

Sara is from Italy, but is currently living in Romania, Bucharest. For seven years she has studied music with a group called, “Miracle”. Her popularity in Romania is growing rapidly, and fast becoming a superstar. This awesome young lady deserves the superstar status. All the hard work she puts into her performances has made her a fantastic entertainer. She is someone you can watch over and over and stay entertained and amazed.

She has spent the past two years entertaining all of Romania on a national TV show called, “Television Children”.  On these shows she gets to really show off her singing and dancing skills to everyone and they all love her. She could easily be a star in any country, and with her skills she just might grow world wide. Her talents has also earned her many national and international awards. She won 2nd place this past summer at the international festival, “Dolphin Gold.

Sara also loves to travel and one of her favorite places to vacation is back at her home in Porto Sant Elpidio, Italy. With her popularity and stardom growing so fast she might be doing much more traveling allowing her to enjoy everything she loves to do. Do not miss any of Sara’s music or shows she is truly outstanding. She is a super sweet girl, so make sure to say hi when ever you can. One of Romania’s and Italy’s newest superstars is, “Sara Tudorie”!