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Sarah Moss



Sarah Moss is a 14 year old singer, songwriter and actress from Scottsdale, Arizona; she’s been singing and acting on stage since she was 5 years old.  Sarah’s mom says she was memorizing songs on the radio when she was three years old, but it really was her preschool teacher who first told her she had a really good voice and kept telling her she was going to be a star someday.  From that point on all Sarah wanted to do is sing.  She was 4 years old when her parents took her to see “The Sound of Music.”  Sarah remembers being mesmerized by all the beautiful voices; therefore, she tried to copy how they were singing.  When she was five years old Sarah got cast in “Grease;” her very first play at a local community theater.  It was here that she discovered her love for theater.

Young Sarah always loved Disney movies and her favorite movie was, “The Little Mermaid.”  She used to sing the song “Part of Your World” about fifty times a day.  It was her favorite song and remembers people really paying attention to her when she sang it.  When Sarah was 6 years old her mom saw a flyer for singing auditions for a local charity event.  She auditioned with “Part of Your World,” as it was the only song she really knew at the time.  She remembers how amazed people were with her singing.  Needless to say, Sarah got cast and sang that song in front of about 300 people at this charity event called, “Uniting Artists” at the Scottsdale Civic Center in Arizona.  Since then, Little Sarah fell in love with performing and hasn’t stopped since.

Sarah continued with Community Theater and got cast in several shows while each time getting bigger parts.  Some of the shows she’s been in are: “The King and I,” the role of Lottie in “A Little Princess – Sarah Crewe,” “The Princess and The Pea,” Tess in “The Golden Goose,” Glinda in “The Wizard of OZ,” Veruca Salt in“Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” and now playing Ariel in “The Little Mermaid.”  Her absolute favorite performance was playing the part of Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” at Desert Foothills Theater last May of 2012.  Her second favorite is now being cast as Ariel in “The Little Mermaid” at Greasepaint Youtheater, in Scottsdale, where she’ll be singing her first song from childhood, “Part of Your World” for an audience once again.  Sarah hopes to someday be on Broadway since this really is her first love.

Besides theater, Sarah has had the opportunity to compete in several local, Scottsdale, competitions.  When she was nine years old Sarah won a Hannah Montana lip-syncing contest for Radio Disney and got to see a filming of the show and have some pictures taken with the cast of Hannah Montana.  Also, at the age of 9 years old, Sarah’s mom signed her up for a summer camp called Camp Rock.  It’s where one gets paired up with other kids to form a rock group.   Each group has one week to write and perform a song with the other members of their group.  Sarah was the vocalist in the rock band called “Freaky Astronauts.”  There were two guitar players, a drummer and piano player.  The winning group would get to perform at the half time show for the Phoenix Mercury at the US Airways Center.  They ended up winning this and it really was Sarah’s first experience being in a group.  She absolutely loved it and hopes to form or join a group again someday soon.

When Sarah was 11 years old she joined a talent agency and started doing singing competitions around town.  At 13 years of age Sarah was cast in a national commercial for a product called Dickinson’s Witch Hazel.  She played a teenage girl that was extremely upset because she had found a pimple on her forehead.  It was really thrilling for Sarah to get because she got to see what it was like to film for TV and not just theater.  She also found out this past year that she was cast in an independent film, called “Actor – a documentary?”  Sarah had gone on an interview when she was eleven years old for this documentary audition.  She was told they were interviewing thousands of applicants, so she probably wouldn’t get cast.  Sarah later found out they used parts of  her interview in the film.  She went to the premier a few months ago and is hoping a film festival picks it up so that others can see it.

People kept asking if she took singing lessons, so eventually her mom enrolled her in lessons.  Sarah had taken singing lessons from about 7 years old to 12 years old.  In addition to Camp Rock, Sarah has been involved in a performing group called, “Acts of Love.”  It’s a group of kids between the ages of 12 and 18.  They perform songs for various charities and recently performed for the local shelters around the holidays.  Sarah will also be performing some of her original songs for a charity event being put on by “Tunes for Tots” at the end of January, 2013.  She’s also planning on singing her original songs at local clubs around town.  Sarah just got an electric piano for the holidays and plans on using it to accompany herself.

Sarah Moss at stars2come  Sarah attends a college prep art school, called Arizona School for the Arts, the school teaches college level academics and Sarah is learning to play the piano, flute and has also learned how to play the guitar.  Learning the drums is next on her list of instruments.  Sarah has also recently started writing songs.  When she was about 11 years old Sarah wrote her very first song while fooling around in her bedroom singing to a camera; that song is called “Crazy” and it’s now finally posted on YouTube.  Sarah never really had any confidence in her writing ability so she kept it under lock and key for a few years.  She has several other songs now that she has written and has slowly started posting them on YouTube.  Sarah has written a total of ten songs, four of which she’s very proud of.  The last four songs Sarah wrote are very special to her; however, the song “I Can’t Take It” is her absolute favorite song because the song was written out of an inspiration she got from the character of “Snow White.”  The above really points out the need to encourage our youth as they need to be nurtured in order to thrive.

Sarah loves writing stories in school which in turn has started to give her more confidence in writing songs.  Sarah would love being a recording artist singing her own songs.  Taylor Swift is a big inspiration to Sarah and a lot of her songs are influenced by her style of writing.  Sarah likes all kinds of music and believes it’s important to listen to a variety of styles of music in order to become a well-rounded singer.  Sarah listens to Broadway, Pop, Country, R&B, Blues, Soul and Jazz.  This is really how she first learned to sing; copying the singers she would hear and then eventually start singing the songs.  One of Sarah’s favorite artists to cover is Christina Aguilera.  She likes the way she sings and all the riffs she does with her songs, especially the songs in the movie, “Burlesque.”  The big powerhouse songs and ballads are Sarah’s favorites.  The ballad, “Bound to You” in the movie is her favorite of all the songs.  Sarah actually sang “Bound to You” for Junior Idol.  This was a local singing competition in which she won first place when she was 12 years old.

Sarah has an incredible voice and is able to wow people with her ability to sing pitch perfectly at very low amplitudes and at the peek of her crescendos.  She has some of the most amazing fluctuations in vocal modulation while shifting through keys so effortlessly.  Emulating the voices of Disney characters is another quality that Sarah has honed and perfected over the years.  The things Sarah is able to do with her voice are quite simple astonishing, and her comedic side can burst out without any prior notice.  This teenager loves life and lives at its fullest while at the same time excelling in academics.

Some of the things Sarah is hoping to start up in the next few months are: Creating a personal website, getting on iTunes and auditioning for Princess Jasmine at a local community theater.  Singing, writing and performing makes Sarah very happy because she feels confident when doing so.  For Sarah, finding out what makes a person happy and the pursuing a life of happiness is important.  As of now, Sarah can be found on 2 You Tube Channels.  One other thing you may not know is in addition to singing, Sarah also loves making people laugh.   She has a “Sarah Moss Music channel” and a “Sarah Moss Comedy channel.”  Sarah is also on Facebook, RaterBug and Twitter. Singing, writing and performing makes Sarah very happy because she feels confident when doing them.  Sarah believes it’s important to find out what makes you truly happy and then to pursue that life of happiness, and that seems to be exactly what she is doing.  If you would like to keep up with Sarah on any of her sites, then here are some links for your use: YouTube music, YouTube comedy, Facebook, RaterBug, and Twitter.

Story By: Perry Malinos a stars2come contributor