Savannah Lynne

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Savannah is from Hawaii, but is now living in  LA and when she left, Hawaii lost a lot of beauty. Not only is she a beautiful girl, but she has an outstandingly beautiful voice that gives any song an extra splash of luster. It is obvious that Savannah has a passion for music, because of all the  compassion she puts in her songs. She is no doubt a great artist that could easily have the whole world at her finger tips.

Savannah first started letting people hear her wonderful voice on stage with a live band at a tiny venue in back of a guitar shop with  150 people crammed in this small place. Her favorite performance was for a charity event in her hometown in front of 1500 people. She says, the reason this is her favorite is, she didn’t know, but her school was one of the sponsors and hundreds of her classmates were there and they didn’t know she was performing until she walked out on stage. They went nuts! It seems that everyone is going nuts over her. Savannah has been #1 on reverbnation for country for a while. One of her original songs she wrote at age eleven was chosen to be in the soundtrack for a Independent Film in 2011. She just keeps going and everywhere she performs people loves this very talented girl. Her songwriting shows off another great talent, and to be chosen for a soundtrack, that is amazing talent. Savannah has written many songs, and they are all special and all have great stories in them.

Savannah is a great artist, and loves sharing her talent. Singing for her is a great way to express herself in different ways and can be a different person in every song while still being herself. She looks up to Taylor Swift because of her music and she thinks that Taylor is a great performer. She also looks up to Carrie Underwood, because she is a amazing singer and carries herself beautifully. Like most great artists, Savannah hopes to make a great impact on the world by creating music that inspires people. She is certainly a very creative person and you can bet she will make a big impact on the world.

Savannah does love music, but she also loves animals. She has two Geckos that sit on her guitar when ever she practices. Perhaps the Geckos love that beautiful voice of hers the same as all of us and just can’t get enough. Savannah is simply, amazing!