Savannah Outen


savanah outen at stars2come Savannah is one beautiful person , with a beautiful voice to match. No matter what song she sings , she always has her own thing going on with the songs. This is a great thing about her , she doesn`t try sounding like anyone but herself. The way she does some of her covers , when listening to them they can take you to a whole different place and they become hers. It is a unique quality she has and I am not the only one who loves the way she does her music. Savannah has over fifty eight million views , this is truly remarkable. Savannah`s originals are  exceptional , they are like eating a piece of chocolate one is not enough , you want more.

 Savannah has been singing her whole life ever since she could talk _and boy! does it show. I love her voice , but her guitar playing is amazing as well. At thirteen she got her first guitar , it was a red electric  , she got it for Christmas. With out any lessons she has done very well. From what I can see she enjoys making music so much , that nothing is going to hold her back. Savannah is great at vocals and guitar , but her song writing is second to none. Her original ” If You Only Knew ” is a wonderful song and if there is any that is deserving of a Grammy,  it is this one. Not only is this song brilliantly written and performed , but the video was very creative and fitting for the song.

savanah outen at stars2come

 Savannah gets a lot of her inspiration for writing songs from boys , friends and anything that is going on in her life. I know I don`t know whats going on in her life , but what ever it is , there is  some great music coming from it.

Savannah don`t just sit around the house performing , she has had many performances.  She says , that`s what she loves most. She has been to many different states to perform. She has also been on tour with Radio Disney and Nat and Alex Wolf . When you get to go on tour with Radio Disney you are most certainly in the big time , and I am sure that  is ,  what she had was a big time performing with them.

 Her role model she looks up to is Celine Dion she is an awesome role model , she says. Her biggest goal is to be signed by a major label and to win a Grammy. Like I said before her song ” If You Only Knew ” that is the winner! I am not sure why Savannah is not signed with her amazing talent in many areas and these labels are sure missing out on one sensational person. Besides singing some of her favorite things to do is , shopping , hang out with friends and dance class. Savannah certainly has it all going for her to have a fabulous career,  her talent and is very elegant in her appearance and the way she presents herself. She has a lot of class on camera . I like one of her sayings ” Be Original ” this says it all.  I am sure this is why she is so well liked . I think Savannah would make a great role model for others. She is a true star…..