Sawyer Fredericks “The Voice”

Sawyer-Fredericks  at stars2come

Sawyer Fredericks is a shy and humble young man who lives on a farm in New York. When Sawyer starts to sing his shyness disappears and the artist within emerges. This is exactly what happened on February 23, 2015. On this date Sawyer stepped out on stage of The Voice in front of four judges and the nation. He barely gets started and three chairs turn. He is singing, I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow with so much power and heart, the judges could hardly contain themselves. Sawyer did not get too far into the song before Blake, the fourth judge turns and he puts on an incredible show for them all. When the end of the song comes, Sawyer the shy farm boy gets a standing ovation from the judges and the audience. This is what The Voice is all about.

In the past Sawyer had sung for charities, open mics, and at farmer markets. There were times when he was able to perform at a couple iconic places like, The Bitter End in New York City and Caffe Lena in Saratoga. But like many artist today, Sawyer puts music on YouTube and cdbaby for people to hear and see. Online is an avenue for artists to be seen and heard, and on occasion, opportunities happen. This is exactly what happened with Sawyer. Someone with The Voice found him online and invited to a private audition.

Sawyer wanted to go to the audition  to learn what auditions were like, and he found out in a big way. His first audition was in New York City. “I was pretty nervous and made a couple of mistakes, but felt pretty good about it, overall” says Sawyer.

At the blind auditions Sawyer did get the attention of all four judges.  He was a bit flustered when the first three chairs turned, and for a moment forgot to sing the next verse. “I had to play and extra measure on the guitar, the band followed me because they are awesome, and then I started to sing again” said Sawyer.  He says even when the fourth judge finally turned, he remained focused on the song, but it felt really good. He knew after the fourth chair turned it was going to be hard to choose whose team to be on.

Sawyer Fredericks at stars2come  All  the judges had nothing, but good things to say about Sawyer. In the end however Sawyer chose Pharrell. “Pharrell just came across very sincere and calm; he talked about letting me stay an original artist which is really important to me because I write my own songs. That is why I chose Pharrell”, said Sawyer

This is what The Voice is all about finding the best artists out there, and Sawyer has proven he is one of those artists. To take someone who in the past only sang for maybe fifty people at onetime, and put him in front of millions and win them over, has something special about him.

Sawyer will surely have a lot of great things happen after The Voice, but he really isn’t thinking about any of that. He says he is not that kind of person who plans out their lives, but more of an in the moment kind of person. After The Voice he will continue to follow his heart, he cannot imagine a time when he is not making music. He does however hope to be able to make a living in music, but he is not interested in being super famous and always in the public eye. “I’m usually a private person” says Sawyer.

At fifteen years old Sawyer won over The Voice with his own rendition of, I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow. Just like Sawyer many young artists look to be where he is one day and here is what he says about that. “I think they should keep doing what they love, not worry so much about the future, because as long as they are doing what they love now, they are already living the dream”.

Sawyer appreciates all of his fans. He wants them to know, that he is a songwriter even though the show does not showcase his original work. For all of Sawyer’s fans old and new look him up on YouTube or cdbaby and see what he has been writing. Everything comes from his heart. It is his heart and passion that earned him a spot on Team Pharrell. His heart along with his raspy voice is sure to take him a long way on, The Voice. Be sure and tune into The Voice every Monday and Tuesday night on NBC and follow his journey. After this you can bet the crowds he sings for will be more than fifty.