Sawyer Fredericks

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Along the banks of the Mohawk River in New York there is a village that sets between Syracuse and Albany. This village was home to Robert Fulton the inventor of the steamboat. Also nestled in the outskirts of Fultonville is a small family farm called Windrake Farm, that is home to Sawyer Christofer Fredericks.

13 year old Sawyer the youngest of three boys along with his mother and father moved to this farm from Connecticut at 8 years of age.

Sawyer’s love of music can be traced back to his grandparent, aunts, uncles and cousins. Art Fredericks, a cousin, can be seen with Sawyer on one of Sawyers videos.

As in the case of many young artists Sawyer’s musical side was already showing itself before he could speak. His ‘baby talk’ consisted of perfectly pitched nonsense that evolved into melodies he heard or created on his own.

Singing in front of others outside of his family wasn’t always easy for Sawyer. At 11 he joined a local summer choir directed by Katy Cole a singer/songwriter and school music teacher. Sawyer and Katy became fond of each other and Katy began giving Sawyer vocal lessons. At first Sawyer was so shy that Katy would let him go down a hall so Sawyer couldn’t see her. Around this same time Sawyer’s uncle Eddie showed him a couple chords on the guitar which sparked an interest in playing. So along with vocal lessons Katy began guitar lessons as well. She too can be seen with Sawyer on his videos. After getting Sawyer to sing louder than a whisper, Katy had him join her at some of her own gigs to sing a couple songs himself. By the next summer, then 12, Sawyer played his first solo performance at an open mike night. He was so nervous that he packed up and ran to the car while the crowd cheered.

Thankfully for his fans Sawyer has gone on to sing and play at these open mike nights from monthly to weekly. He has played at local charity events and this past summer played at 20 events many of them being at Farmers Markets. Sawyer has written over 30 original songs of which 6 are on his demo CD called, “Breaking Ice: A Demo Collection” Sawyer has been on the Fab Chart more than any artist in history holding the #1 spot for many weeks in a row. He is currently a finalist in a local talent search competition as well.

He gets his encouragement from the comments his fans leave on his videos and Facebook.

Outside of music Sawyer can be found tending to his chores on the farm, playing soccer, the XBox or playing the card game Magic and Gathering.

Story by: Richard Fultz a stars2come contributor.