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Right out in the middle of the country lies the great state of Oklahoma and this state has raised many outstanding artists that has won the hearts of many people worldwide. Oklahoma has brought the people amazing music from, Toby Keith, Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntier and Blake Shelton. This is a very short list of all the brilliant talent that lives in this great state and Saylor is one of these brilliant talents.There has to be something in the air out there the vocals from Saylor is certainly one of the best there is. She is just ten years old and the control and clarity she has with her voice is of someone twice her age. The sound of this girls voice is just gorgeous!

Saylor says she was two years old when she started singing. Saylor sure didn’t hold out with her talent when she started singing she took it straight to the people at the Oklahoma Country Music Association called, The Heartland Opry. This would have had to of been an amazing treat for all who were there.

The people in Oklahoma are so blessed to have such a talented person as Saylor to come out and entertain them, she would bring joy to all who listen. There has been many occasions that she has put that amazing voice to work, onetime for a local Gong Show. At this event she sang Gunpowder and Lead. She said it was a lot of fun and the crowd really liked it. Saylor also enjoyed singing Good Girl in a competition for Voice for the Cure which is in connection with Children’s Miracle Network. She said she met a lot of the kids that were sick and they were very sweet and in good spirits. She says it made her realize how blessed she was to be healthy.

Even with Saylor being only ten years old she has already become a big award winner. She has won many state awards for her age division and that has earned her the privilege to compete in the nationals in Pigeon Forge Tennessee  at NACMAI. This is a major competition with hundreds coming from everywhere, she is truly blessed to part of this great competition and when it is over everyone there will be leaving with Saylor on their minds. She is going to rock that stage!  Also in 2012 she won first place in her age division at the Voice for the Cure.

Saylor is a true artist and just loves to sing because it makes her happy and everyone around her. It really makes her feel good when she is able to touch someone’s heart. She loves to cover many different artists, but she loves covering Arianna Grande. Saylor says she loves Arianna so much because she sings so beautifully and her voice is powerful and soulful. Her goal is to reach as many people as she can with her music. Saylor is well on her way of reaching her goal, everyone everywhere loves her music and never gets enough. She is already a star!

Saylor has a performance coming up that she is excited about for a beauty pageant. She says it will be so much fun seeing all the girls dolled up.

She is a small town girl with a big dream, but there is nothing small about her voice and soon because of Saylor that town will be known worldwide. Like most small town people Saylor too is rooted in her beliefs, God, family and her country. Saylor is what a true American idol is. Just like in the song Gunpowder and Lead she going to show just what a little girl is made of, and she is doing it with a bang!